Metro Issue: Mar 21–Mar 27, 2020

Metro Cover Story Photo: The  Magic Number

The Magic Number

3-D printing isn't just a pipe dream for a better tomorrow-it's happening today. And it may just change commercial enterprises forever.

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Plug It Now

Thumbnail for Plug It Now

CODA, a new electric car dealership in Santa Clara, zips in front of Tesla to snag a share of the market.

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Wiki Ways

Thumbnail for Wiki Ways

Kepler's looks to open-source tech model to launch a new initiative to help independent booksellers.

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Green Market

Thumbnail for Green Market

A Hollywood insider wants to rebrand the medical marijuana industry and create a canna-conomy.

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Thumbnail for Ascension

The new climbing wall at Touchstone takes advantage of the old movie theater's high ceiling.

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Watership Up

Thumbnail for Watership Up

The patrons at Liquid in San Jose immerse themselves in the club’s aquatic lighting scheme.

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Justin Comes Alive

Thumbnail for Justin Comes Alive

How San Jose's one-man electronic project Seabright got from the bedroom to the stage.

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Thumbnail for dredg

Los Gatos’ dredg will play their album ‘Catch Without Arms’ in its entirety at their Avalon show.

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Retro Pop

Thumbnail for Retro Pop

The Inciters headline this weekend’s inaugural Retro Pop at Landmark Ballroom.

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Thumbnail for Fiddling

Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux return to the duo format for their Mountain View show.

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Thumbnail for SXSW Wrap

Our man in Austin brings back news of five under-the-radar bands worth discovering.

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Great Dane

Thumbnail for Great Dane

When viewing a “modernized” version of Shakespeare, it’s hard not to be struck with an initial sense of incongruity.

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The Arena

Thumbnail for The Arena

Two dozen 12-7-year-olds are made to hunt and kill each other in a camera-laden bio-dome, complete with poisonous plants and genetically engineered animals.

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Thumbnail for Survivor

Rachel Hendrix plays a young woman searching for her birth mother in October Baby.

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Me, Nathalie

Thumbnail for Me, Nathalie

The new French romance Delicacy reveals the tartness behind Audrey Tautou's sweet smile.

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Grill Thrills

Thumbnail for Grill Thrills

San Jose's Gaku restaurant specializes in tasty skewered meat dishes known as yakitori.

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Food Forward on the Air

Thumbnail for Food Forward on the Air

Next month, on April 9 at 7:30pm, KQED will air our first episode: "Urban Agriculture in America."

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