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Metro Issue: Dec 26–Jan 1, 2015

Metro Cover Story Photo: Year-in-Review-2012


The year that didn't suck quite as much as years past.

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Harmony Year

Thumbnail for Harmony Year

In 2012, opposing forces came together in surprising harmony to explain the San Jose condition.

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Cuddlefest 2012

Thumbnail for Cuddlefest 2012

Shinobu's annual Cuddlefests always pack the house.

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Just Miserable

Thumbnail for Just Miserable

The big-screen version of Les Mis is so wrongheaded it even taints Victor Hugo himself.

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Thumbnail for Horndog-in-Chief

FDR takes his cousin Daisy for a ride-in more ways than one.

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NYE Sparklers

Thumbnail for NYE Sparklers

One of the best New Year's Eve traditions is toasting the year to come with a glass of sparkling wine.

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Pho and More

Thumbnail for Pho and More

Yo Pho has taken a somewhat unusual approach.

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Santana Sipping

Thumbnail for Santana Sipping

Lavazza Espression's artwork draws from the Italian firm's fashion calendars.

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