Metro Issue: Aug 10–Aug 16, 2020

Metro Cover Story Photo: Let’s Go Crazy

Let’s Go Crazy

Augmented-reality game’s popularity creates a gotta-catch-’em-all-22.

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Lovely Earworms

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Cafe Stritch’s annual Rahsaanathon celebration leaves indelible mark.

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Stonerville, USA

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Analysis of a new federal report shows how much people use pot in certain cities.

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Prosperous Cheaters

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Cheat Codes’ frontman was a childhood friend of the Biebs, until he razzed him too hard.

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Jazz Gems

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SJZ Summer Fest: New Orleans brass to Ukrainian oddballs.

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Spectral Surf

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After near death experience, La Luz channel dark, beachy vibes.

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For The Record

Thumbnail for For The Record

New book, ‘Adnan’s Story’ aims to tell what ‘Serial’ podcast didn’t.

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Painting With Light

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The Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit explores art created on mobile devices.

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Naked Lunch

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Seth Rogen plays Frank, the hot dog, in the raunchy ‘Toy Story’ sendup, ‘Sausage Party.’

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The Music Lovers

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Money almost buys happiness in excellent ‘Florence Foster Jenkins.’

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Agha’s to the Rescue

Thumbnail for Agha’s to the Rescue

Agha’s Gyro Express serves ridiculously tasty and affordable lamb over rice plates.

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A Good ‘Place’ to Be

Thumbnail for A Good ‘Place’ to Be

The Place is a San Jose throwback in the best sense.

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