Metro Issue: Oct 12–Oct 18, 2019

Metro Cover Story Photo: Deliverance


The days of only having delivery options of Chinese food and pizza are long gone, and restaurants and customers are better for it—for now.

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Hammer of Truth

Thumbnail for Hammer of Truth

Revived Hammer Theatre will offer exciting venue opportunities.

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Fighting Diabetes, Munchies

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Tests show some promising results in the cultivation of THVC.

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Grand Finale

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Treasure Island Music Festival says goodbye to bayfront home.

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The Face of Rap to Come

Thumbnail for The Face of Rap to Come

Detroit emcee Danny Brown is pushing hip-hop forward with his postmodern vision.

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The Nature of ‘Beauty

Thumbnail for The Nature of ‘Beauty

Ana Rajcevic’s ‘Wearable Sculptures’ are both beautiful and menacing in their elegant forms.

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Killer Ladies

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Adam Porwol uses lead, mercury to paint dangerous beauties.

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I Didn’t Say That

Thumbnail for I Didn’t Say That

Though ‘Denial’ drags, it still hits potent political parallels.

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Rain Man With A Gun

Thumbnail for Rain Man With A Gun

In ‘The Accountant,’ Ben Affleck plays an autistic assassin.

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Get to the Point

Thumbnail for Get to the Point

San Jose’s newest craft cocktail lounge, Five Points, an instant favorite.

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Farm to Robot

Thumbnail for Farm to Robot

Mountain View’s Zume Pizza gives a sneak peak of the future.

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Lust for Crust

Thumbnail for Lust for Crust

Pastry buffs rightly flock to Manresa Bread’s locations in Los Altos, Los Gatos.

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Date Night Crawls

Thumbnail for Date Night Crawls

An all-in-one cheat sheet to knock out drinks, dinner and dessert in just a few steps.

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