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The Crossing

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‘Border Cantos’ highlights life in the transitory space between the U.S. and Mexico.

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Face Blind

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Gideon Rubin gives the viewer plenty of detail, but never shows the face of his subject. Pictured: ‘Braids.’

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Building Bridges

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Civil Rights icon Ruby Bridges will receive Steinbeck Award at SJSU.

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‘Wild’ Harmony

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At Club Lido in downtown San Jose, Vietnamese and Mexican subcultures coexist.

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Stylish Prints

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Cantor Arts Center displays private collection of art from 16th century.

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Gypsy Music

In its current production of ‘Carmen,’ Opera San Jose is truly on the top of its craft.

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Redemption Song

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Anno Domini’s dual exhibition proves art conquers all—even Nazism.

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‘Tigers’ Be Sweet, Funny

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Sherry (Melissa Weinstein, left) questions her sister Grace’s (Akemi Okamura) vengeful tactics in ‘Tigers Be Still.’

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‘Open’ To Interpretation

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Marc D'Estout's NUMU exhibition is meant to spark the imagination.

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Paradise Lost

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‘The Gold Rush’ highlights California’s promise and failings.

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Head over Heels

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Mountain View-based Arrow Development was instrumental in pushing roller coaster technology forward.

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Drawing Little Bighorn

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A Cantor Arts Center exhibit features sketches taken at the Battle of Little Bighorn by Native American artist, Red Horse.

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The Scream

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Screaming Hand exhibit honors the iconic skateboarding illustration.

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Adrienne Barbeau looks back at a life in showbiz, and her role in the national touring production of 'Pippin'.

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Terrific 10

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A look back at some of the best plays and musicals of 2015.

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Make Yourself

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A new MACLA exhibit explores the shaping of the Latino identity.

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Missed Connections

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Pairing ain’t easy, but it sure is fun in ‘Jane Austen’s Emma.

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New Nut

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Former Silicon Valley Ballet dancer takes a crack at ‘The Nutcracker.

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Christmas Magic

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The Tabard Theatre is staging a live radio play version of ‘Miracle on 34th Street.’

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Painting With Fabric

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At 'Earth Stories' exhibit, quilts address environmental issues.

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