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Think Different

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In 'Proof,' Catherine is a woman struggling to find legitimacy in the male-dominated field of high-level mathematics.

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The Other Brother

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David Arrow plays Robert F. Kennedy in San Jose Stage Company’s new production, ‘RFK.’

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Wegman’s World

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‘Artists Including Me’ offers insights into William Wegman’s inspiration.

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Visions of Space

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A plausible vision of what human settlements in space might look like.

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Return of the APE

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After 15 years in San Francisco, the APE comics expo is back in San Jose.

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Runaway Train

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'Homeward Bound' is cluttered but caring.

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Odd Couple

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The Pear Theatre opens its new season in its new location with 'The Walls of Jericho.'

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Man and Machine

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Author John Markoff looks to a future where humanity and computers coexist in harmony.

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Dirty Dancing

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The Palo Alto Players' production of 'Chicago' is racy, rowdy fun.

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Spotty Connection

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'Dead Man's Cell Phone' rings true at times, but doesn't live up to promising premise.

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Wayback Machines

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A slew of old-school cars will be on display at the Antique Autos show in San Jose’s History Park.

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Very Cerebral

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Empire Seven's 'Hippocampus Wallpaper' is witty and warmhearted.

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Cradle of Innovation

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Everything, from ancient vacuum tubes to decades-old Ampex tape decks, comes alive.

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Festa Fantastico

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Featuring authentic Italian cuisine, live entertainment, bocce ball and plenty of vino.

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Pre-Digital Draftsman

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Giovanni Piranesi created highly precise illustrations of Roman ruins long before computers.

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‘Cowardy’ Crooning

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Stanford Rep. Theater hosts revue of Noel Coward's greatest hits.

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Lush with a Brush

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Astley D.M. Cooper drank heavily and paid his bar tabs with nudes.

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Beyond The Frame

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In the new Empire Seven exhibit, 'Quest For Pure Land,' graffiti artists Chip7 and Bigfoot contemplate the wider world.

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Rad Dad

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Comedian Brian Posehn on fatherhood, quitting pot and heavy metal.

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Caffeinated Art

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Much of artist Nikkea Takagi's work draws inspiration from traditional Navajo art.

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