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All Natural

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With a little help from a buxom porn star, Pablo Francisco has made a career out of comedy.

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Nut Case

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‘The MeshugaNutcracker’ is a crazy ride, in ways both good and bad.

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Far Out

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Robert Rauschenberg created a 'hallucinatory' homage to the Apollo 11 mission with his 'Stoned Moon' prints.

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Shining ‘Star’

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TheatreWorks stages magical production of 'Peter and the Starcatcher.'

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Video Game Gridiron

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Two teams of five compete for serious cash and prestige in eSports titles like ‘League of Legends.’

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Cultural Crossroad

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The art of older and younger Chicano artists brings generations together.

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Great War, Great Drama

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City Lights Theater Company delivers a powerful and poignant world premiere.

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The Tuscan And The Turk

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San Jose Opera's attention to detail elevates an already superbly performed production of 'The Italian Girl in Algiers'.

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Reading the Ruins

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In her new exhibit "Scarcity," Leyla Cardenas examines San Jose's relationship with its past using its own forgotten relics.

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Act Your Age

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Oddball dramedy, 'Kimberly Akimbo,' charms at Pear Avenue Theatre.

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Beautiful Disaster

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'Summer' by David Kimball Anderson is one of the many works on display at the newly opened 'Manresa Seasons'

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Fight the Power

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In new book, ‘Who We Be,’ music writer Jeff Chang explores U.S. race relations through the lens of hip-hop.

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Cutting Up

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TheatreWorks' adaptation of Sweeney Todd gives the Demon Barber a new setting, with mixed results.

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Graphically Latino

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Latino Comics Expo (LCX) makes its first ever stop in San Jose.

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A Little Faith

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'The Rainmaker' explores the power of self-confidence and the importance of believing in something.

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Kith and Kin

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New exhibit 'Creative in Common' uses art to explore familial ties.

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I Love The ’80s

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The new Seeing Things Gallery group show, ‘I’m Living In The Eighties,’ assembles works that pay tribute to the 1980s.

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Perpetual Motion

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A new exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art, 'Momentum,' urges artists and patrons to consider what moves them.

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Booze and Brains

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The seventh annual San Jose Zombie Crawl will help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

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Eye of the Beholder

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Three men question the worth of a painting and themselves.

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