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Seeing Red

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‘Finks’ follows the romance of two activist actors battling McCarthyism.

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Ad Nauseam

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A new book examines the existential crisis of the ad game

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Southern Reach

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Fog and moody lighting factor heavily into photographer Hai Bo’s ‘The Southern Series,’ now showing at Pace Gallery; case in point: ‘No. 55.’

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Piling On

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‘Who Am We?’ by Do Ho Suh features myriad faces on seven sets of four-color offset wallpaper.

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Car Culture

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A collection of photographs captures the faded glory of neglected classics.

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Rhetorical Questions

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In ‘Faking the News,’ an SJSU professor enlists fellow academics to analyze Trump’s rhetoric.

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Wrap It Up

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Smuin Ballet thinks outside the bento box with ‘If I Were a Sushi Roll.’

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Fire at Will

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SJMQT ponders American gun culture with ‘Guns: Loaded Conversations.’

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Beautiful Blue Dot

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Composer Kenji Williams seeks to create a new human ritual with multimedia spectacle ‘Bella Gaia.’

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The Essentials

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Marianne Kolb interprets the aura of her subjects at the Triton Museum of Art.

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The Biggest Picture

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SETI enlists artists to help scientists grapple with the mysteries of the universe.  

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Coming Home

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New SJMA exhibit, ‘The House Imaginary,’ delves into the platonic ideal of home.

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Grass-Roots Theater

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San Jose’s City Lights Theater opens its stage to new Bay Area playwrights, like Bushra Burney, author of ‘Designated Muslim.’

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Skin Deep

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‘Humanity in the Age of “Frankenstein”’ explores the vulnerability of our flesh.

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Burning Man Bear

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‘Ursa Mater,’ a massive statue of a grizzly bear and her cubs, is on display in San Jose.

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Outside The Box

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Art Box Project San Jose has made the city more colorful over the years.

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Poetry From the Past

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Peter Balakian is recognized for nonfiction and poetry.

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Fragmented Fun

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Armand Baltazar publishes what could be the next great sci-fi franchise.

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Blades of Glory

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Cirque du Soleil offers first on-ice experience in new show ‘Crystal.’

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Mind Matters

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A neuroscientist explores mysteries of consciousness in new book.

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