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Strange Town

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Blog founder Keith Teleki seeks out the oddball side of Mountain View.

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Bird Land

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‘For the Birds’ includes monotypes by Katherine Levin-Lau and collages by Kelly Detweiler.

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Music Lesson

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James Creer stars as the fictional jazz musician Sketch Hopkins in 'The Duke, the Count and Me.'

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The Claim Game

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Patent Pending show explores connection between artistry and invention.

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Maize in SJ

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A Tableau that draws on the historic and the divine was revealed last week in downtown San Jose.

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Fly on the Wall

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WADL spent a year creating the complex components of the large-scale piece he's showing at 'Spiral: Art of the Street.'

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‘Fall’ with Grace

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A couple divided by faith and separated by a deadly accident.

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Portraits of an Artist

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The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford holds the first retrospective of works by photographer Carrie Mae Weems.

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South First Treat

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Halloween is just one day a year, but South First Fridays offers a sort of trick-or-treating every month.

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The de Saisset Museum looks at the processes and products of sculptor Fletcher Benton.

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For Show

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Donald Paul and James Long show off their moves in Kristoffer Diaz's 'The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.'

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Party On

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'Ravens,' riding cargo bikes fitted with trash and recycling bins, are intended to help make San Jose Bike Party a leave-no-trace affair.

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The Power of Pull

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The BlogHerPro conference will focus on ways that bloggers can expand their personal brands.

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Mettle for Petals

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'Yulan,' a work that incorporates acrobatics and classical ballet, takes its inspiration from the magnolia flower.

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Night at the Museum

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Guests at After Hours could explore many of the Tech's exhibits.

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Drum Heads

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San Jose Taiko celebrates 40 years of unique 'California Sunshine Taiko'.

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Beyond the Fall

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The street fairs are over for the season, but there's still plenty of art walking to do at South First Fridays.

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Keep Singing

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Spanish opera, or zarzuela, saw its golden age in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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Delicate Forms

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The folds and creases of life—those indelible marks that make us who we are.

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Kiss of Skulls

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VivaFest exhibition celebrates the work of influential illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada.

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