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Beyond the Fall

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The street fairs are over for the season, but there's still plenty of art walking to do at South First Fridays.

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Keep Singing

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Spanish opera, or zarzuela, saw its golden age in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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Delicate Forms

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The folds and creases of life—those indelible marks that make us who we are.

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Kiss of Skulls

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VivaFest exhibition celebrates the work of influential illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada.

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Monster Mashup

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Monsters under the bed are a common occurrence in many households.

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A Piece of Her Heart

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In San Jose Rep's 'One Night With Janis Joplin,' Kacee Clanton stars as Joplin.

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Marriage Minded

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Adam Bock's The Drunken City is far from Sex and the City.

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Setting the ‘Table’

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San Jose Museum of Art launches first course of wide-ranging collective exhibit about food.

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Desert Heat

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Local theater patrons are in for something special with the regional premiere of Jon Robin Baitz's Other Desert Cities.

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On Board

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The 'Timspiration' exhibit includes photos of skater Tim Brauch.

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Dune Messiahs

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Photographers confront busy beaches and deserted dunes in new Stanford exhibit, 'Shifting Sands'.

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Still Standing Up

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Comedian Sammy Obeid closes in on his quest to perform 1,001 consecutive nights of comedy.

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Beat the Drum

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"I’m a living, breathing example of the value of a public music education"

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True Colors

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The Cantor Arts Center shows the 20 Matisse prints that made up the artist's book, 'Jazz'.

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South First and Beyond

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South First Fridays has become First Fridays, extending to venues throughout downtown San Jose.

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Lunch Break

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Guitarist Steve Lin performs for the Aug 2 [email protected] concert.

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On the Spectrum

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Temple Grandin speaks at the Future Horizons conference.

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Funny in Earnest

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Lady Bracknell doubts the suitability of Cecily marrying into her family-till she learns of the girl's fortune.

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Dress for The Part

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Author and actress Sandra Tsing Loh appears in San Jose Rep's 'Love, Loss and What I Wore.'

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Everyone has their differences in 'The Loudest Man on Earth' at TheatreWorks.

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