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Gathering Art

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Sid Enck incorporatesa wealth of materials in his art pieces.

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Hugo Winner

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Children's Musical Theatre San Jose nabs the exclusive rights to full-length 'Les Miserables'.

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Pedestrian Power

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Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time.

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Tees and Attitude

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Local designer Victoria Velasquez's tees and tops are sometimes controversial and always clever.

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Bridging the Gap

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A Precocious young woman goes to work as a secretary for a retired lawyer.

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Family Affair

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Adam Cotugno and Lorie Goulart persevere in the face of familial foolishness in 'You Can't Take It With You.'

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Rough Edges

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Author Stephen Elliott doesn't  filter out the hard edges of life in his memoir, stories and films.

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The experiments at 'Mythbusters' allow Tech Museum attendees to play with basic scientific concepts.

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Rubbed Raw

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Lawyers  and understudy bare their deepest feelings in 'Race.'

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Bill Davidovich's George Washington kicks off '44 Plays for 44 Presidents.'

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In Like Flynn

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Author Nick Flynn made a name for himself with his memoir 'Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.'

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Writer’s Block

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Amy Pietz tries to relight the creative fires of thwarted writer Vincent Kartheiser in 'The Death of the Novel.'

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Family Falling

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Susan turns her sister's life upside down in 'Collapse.'

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Eye of the Tiger

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Tiger was a genius for stirring it up, but the talent for mischief shouldn't eclipse his art.

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Nothing Sacred

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A new show at Cantor Arts Center charts the rise of political satire in 1830s France.

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Out of the Park

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San Jose Pride headliner Derek Jameson’s road to Hollywood started with roller coasters.

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Staging the Future

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Playwright Paul Gordon's latest play is a Õ60s redo of 'The Importance of Being Earnest.'

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Take a Number

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For his new project, Palo Alto drummer Akira Tana spies on the 007 songbook.

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Roxie Music

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Kristen Brownstone's Roxie Hart consults with her lawyer, Billy Flynn in 'Chicago.'

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Horsing Around

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The star horses of 'Cavalia' go through their paces.

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