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Tears of a Town

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San Jose deploys curfews, helicopters, tear gas, explosives and rubber bullets to quell protests and vandalism, and an officer disgraces the city by telling a protester to ‘shut up, bitch.’

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Stream Land

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When their shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, musicians and comedians started performing live online in unprecedented numbers—and have turned what was once a shoddy substitute for in-person concerts into an emerging art form.

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Silicon Valley Delivers

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Restaurants, Food Trucks and Cocktails-To-Go.

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The Fragments of Our Times

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For four decades, San Jose has sought to forge identity and culture from sprawl by investing in themed business districts and events. Those painstaking efforts to build communities, promote diversity and bring people together have unraveled in a tsunami of social distancing.

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1918: Our Pandemic Past

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Just like today, optimistic predictions and phony cures accompanied the Spanish flu as the pandemic made its deadly sweep through the Santa Clara Valley.

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Sheltered Children

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Locked down families reconnect on a deeper level.

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Freed Cocktails

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Your drink followed you home from the bar, and isn’t leaving.

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Cannabis and Chicanery

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No, marijuana does not cure the Covid virus.

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Taking it to the Streets

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Picking up on the valley’s new culinary options.

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Head Rush

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As shelter-in-place panic buying ensues, dispensaries try to get straight answers in the new regulated cannabis era.

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Double Blind

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Santa Clara County spends billions on its health care system, building and buying hospitals and employing top tier talent. But when COVID-19 landed here, it lacked the basic tools and procedures to contain the spread.

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Broken Social Scene

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Local arts groups and restaurateurs struggle through the coronavirus quarantine culture on hold.

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Monument Man

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Former mayor Tom McEnery stages American debut of his play, ‘A Statue for Ballybunion’

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The 30-Year ’Quest

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Cinequest marks three decades with classic films, high-tech and special guests.

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Forgotten Valley

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Rose Garden founder Tom Liggett laments the paved-over orchards in new memoir.

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The Gig is Up

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AB-5 was intended to help independent contractors, but it could be a curtain call for local theater.

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Smoke Signals

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As cannabis stocks collapse and major players make power moves, skeptics warn of a pot bubble—but is it just business as usual?

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The Valley of Youth

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In Immortality, Inc., Chip Walters details Silicon Valley’s quest to disrupt death with science, nutrition and artificial intelligence.

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Winter Arts 2020

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A high tech artist builds an AI politician, entrepreneurs seek the fountain of youth and a local ballet company beams its dancers into space, all while traditional galleries grapple with what it means to be human in the 21st century.

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A Printmaker’s Journey

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Bay Area artist Tom Killion hones his craft with a Japanese master of hand-cut wood block prints.

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