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The New Obnoxiousness

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The triumph of bad humor, in 140 characters or less.

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Metro’s Summer Guide

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Beer and food events, hot street fairs, cool concerts, art galleries, plays, movies for date night or the whole family-it's all in here.

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Life Cycle

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SV cycling groups take new spin on social justice.

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Alone Together

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After years of hype, VR is ready to deliver truly immersive experiences.

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Pistol In My Pocket

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Requests to carry guns skyrocket in Silicon Valley.

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Culinary Confidential

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Campbell, the former prune capital, is now where future celebrity chefs go to learn the fine points of French cuisine. We crashed the party to see what’s up.

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SoFA 2.0

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Can a club help a neighborhood recapture its glory days?

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Stay Thirsty

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Lawns are drying up and Californians are driving dirty cars to satisfy China’s insatiable appetite for pistachios. Is that economically necessary?

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Beats Stanford

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How a university launched the electronic music revolution.

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Metro’s Best of Silicon Valley 2015

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We survey our readers and draw upon our own experiences to compile a useful roadmap to many of the valley’s noteworthy offerings.

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Quake Time

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The Untold Story of San Jose's Greatest Pro Sports Team.

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Sound Experiments

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The 'cool' counterpart to Summer Fest, San Jose Jazz Winter Fest features more experimental artists, youth performances.

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Breaking the Internet

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Killswitch, which screens at Cinequest, joins the latest crop of documentaries examining the Internet's transformation of our lives and the bigger issues that loo.

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Can Comic Books Be Saved?

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Comics remain both relevant and marginalized.

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Father Timeout

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Bay Area journalist Elias Castillo's new book, A Cross of Thorns, examines California's beginnings, the genocidal Spaniards and their spiritual leader, soon-to-be-sainted Junipero Serra.

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Cool, Calm, Connected

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As his stature rises, comedian Aziz Ansari uses his network to challenge conventional wisdom.

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Bros Gone Badge

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How police chiefs laugh at us, their colleagues and the electeds when they think no one's watching.

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Winter Arts Guide

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The season's 17 best plays, art exhibits, dance productions and musical performances.

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Emotional Rescue

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As county rescue officials failed to act, a group of local animal lovers sprang into action and saved the horses' lives

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Rey of San Jose

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San Jose's distinctive local hip-hop scene may have found a champion in Rey Resurreccion.

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