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Cool, Calm, Connected

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As his stature rises, comedian Aziz Ansari uses his network to challenge conventional wisdom.

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Bros Gone Badge

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How police chiefs laugh at us, their colleagues and the electeds when they think no one's watching.

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Winter Arts Guide

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The season's 17 best plays, art exhibits, dance productions and musical performances.

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Emotional Rescue

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As county rescue officials failed to act, a group of local animal lovers sprang into action and saved the horses' lives

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Rey of San Jose

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San Jose's distinctive local hip-hop scene may have found a champion in Rey Resurreccion.

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2014 Year in Review

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Everything that could go wrong went directly past go as a diminutive dictator shut down free speech, police got a rubber stamp to kill unarmed citizens and Silicon Valley tech billionaires blew more hot air into the bubble.

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15 Minutes to Midnight

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A New Year's Eve Guide.

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For the Record

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Brian Hartsell's mission to bring vinyl-era music to the digital age.

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Live Notion

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After working his way up from flea market hustler to the top of the music business, Jason Garner tossed it all aside to pursue a new challenge: enlightenment.

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Comedy of Letters

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Tim Lee's putting his PhD to use as a stand-up comedian. His girlfriend left him, but he seems to be having the last laugh.

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Weed, Entangled

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Nearly 20 years after Prop 215, cannabis regulation heads back to voters while San Jose's electeds fumble to sort it out.

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Our Low Tech, Unplugged, Silicon Valley Gift Guide

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We've collected a few of our favorites to compile this guide.

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Silicon Valley votes… slowly

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Local government boldly forges into the future of electronic voting-at the speed of paper.

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Hope on the Range

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Beef eaters can hold heads high again and cite Nicolette Hahn Niman's new book when animal eating comes up in social conversation.

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All Hallows Breaks Loose

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From the best parties to the worst costumes: Our 2014 recommendations.

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Protect & Survive

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Deadly encounters between police and citizens have increased in recent years. And while officer-involved shootings are nearly always ruled justified, mistakes are costly-both in lives and in the millions that the public pays to victims and their heirs.

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Hold the Line

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How digital photography is changing the restaurant industry-and the dining experience.

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In Check

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Predatory payday lenders have run rampant while the state looked away-now local governments are reining them in.

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Crack Investigator

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Investigative journalist Gary Webb broke one of the Mercury News’ biggest scoops ever. It cost him his career, and eventually his life. Jeremy Renner’s new film reconsiders his epic legacy.

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Worn Out

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Big Data gets intimate with your body, courtesy of fashionable new wearables.

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