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Generation Rehab

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The evolution of a new recovery culture helps break stigmas.

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Whole Fast Foods

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A new breed of restaurants mimic chains' speediness while serving healthy dishes.

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Depth of Field

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Six Deadbeat Club photographers share intimate portraits.

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Social Distortion

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The most vulnerable online targets aren't always as helpless as we think.

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Database to Nowhere

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How County education officials wasted a half-million dollars that could have helped foster kids and tried to cover their tracks.

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Serial Thrills

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In new library collaboration, tech aids authors as they write and publish, chapter by chapter.

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The Best of Silicon Valley 2014

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Our super-smart readers know about many good things in the valley and have generously shared their favorites. To add to their picks, as usual, our writers have contributed a few spots of their own.

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Fresh Choice

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Garden to Table and other urban ag startups plant the seed for a new Valley of Heart's Delight.

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Court Appeal

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How a D-League player's dunking prowess grabbed 7 million YouTube views.

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Cinequest dives into smartphones as filmmaking tools.

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Noah’s Story

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'What's the alternative? Do I believe the doctor who tells us our son is going to die or the one who says he's going to live?'

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Hardly OK, Cupid

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Their eyes met, they exchanged numbers and then he took her out for a date she'll never forget-for all the wrong reasons.

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Nora! Nora! Nora!

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The staff churn in Speaker pro Tem Nora Campos’ office is the talk of Sacramento, raising questions about her ability to advocate for constituents who’ve been shortchanged by ineffective leadership.

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Franco’s Home

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Did a Silicon Valley childhood make James Franco a Renaissance man?

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Matter of Minds

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Silicon Valley is the perfect place for people on the spectrum, according to activist Temple Grandin-and some of its most famous minds have had autistic traits.

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Green Industry

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An inside look at San Jose' Medical Marijuana police, culinary cannabis and HempCon.

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A Football Life

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Nate Jackson’s memoir, Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile, is so good it makes me ill.

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The Party’s Over

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Post-holidays, theaters go dark in a whole different way.

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Year in Review

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While the NSA poked through the contents of the nation's email accounts and the FBI peeped through webcams, most everyone was already watching themselves on their own cellphone screens, shooting selfies.

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Party City

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Break out the Champagne, the noisemakers-and if you’ve had enough Champagne-the stupid hats.

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