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Flight theory

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An excerpt from Andrew X. Pham's new book 'A Theory of Flight.'

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Flexible Flyers

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Hard-core valley skateboarders fly, slide and hit the concrete in local doc Shoot the Moon.

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Winter Sports and Fitness in Silicon Valley

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The Call of the Valley

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Celebrated American author Jack London's little-known Santa Clara Valley days fueled his muse.

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Final Spin

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Big Al's has been  inspiring local musicians and DJs for 45 years.

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Frack Attack

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Oil and gas industry prepares smear campaign against the new Matt Damon film 'Promised Land'.

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The year that didn't suck quite as much as years past.

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New Year’s Eve Parties in San Jose

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Symphony for the Gamer

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Video-game orchestral concerts strike a chord with the nongaming crowd.

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Love Bites

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Sans kimono and fangs, San Jose's Kung Fu Vampire wants fans to listen to the music, not just revel in the spectacle.

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Holiday Gift Guide

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Metro's gift guide skews heavily to the local.

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Undercover Chef

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A local chef combs the valley for culinary discoveries after most kitchens are closed.

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The Lost Reel World

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Digital projection is here to stay, but what are we giving up when we abandon a century of celluloid?

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George’s Tab

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Board of Supervisors prez faked reports to hide expensive dinners charged to cash-strapped county.

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Pushing the Envelope

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'Netflixed' chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of Netflix's founding, the company's amazing success, its role in crushing video-rental behemoths, and the Qwikster debacle that destroyed most of the company's market value.

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Around the World in Eight Days

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Silicon Valley Restaurant Week paints a nuanced culinary portrait of the valley.

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As a young Mormon bishop, Mitt Romney counseled women against abortion—even against their doctor's advice. He may not be as moderate as he makes himself out to be.

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Enduring The Queen

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San Jose-bound Madonna's enduring career proves that even irony can be ironic.

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Generous George

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Santa Clara County's top elected official raised money to run for office but used it to go to Reno and hire his daughters and an ex-girlfriend. Then he stopped filing campaign reports. Yes, that's against the law.

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Silicon Valley Sound Experience

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The Silicon Valley Sound is real.

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