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The Magic Number

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3-D printing isn't just a pipe dream for a better tomorrow-it's happening today. And it may just change commercial enterprises forever.

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The Ballad Of Sam & Dave

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Two guys with similar backgrounds try different paths to the same office.

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Counting Kaufman

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A director explores the fluid nexus between history and myth.

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Star Machine

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George Aviet has an uncanny knack for picking Michelin-star chefs. And when they move on, they win even more stars. What's in his special sauce?

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Cinequest Guide

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Profiles of local filmmakers Sean McCarthy and Brad Leong, as well as a critics' selection of the festival's highlights and a guide to the best of the rest.

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Goin’ to the Moon

Mountain View's Moon Express is a new breed of space explorers. They are sending a craft to the moon because they think they can.

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San Jose Rockage Festival

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Held at the Landmark Ballroom in San Jose Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 11-12, the event will feature 20 bands and 50 classic arcade games on nonstop free play, as well as 10 console setups.

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What’s the BuzzFeed About Jonah Peretti?

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BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti wants to add the news savvy of Politico's Ben Smith to the mix of web gags and viral videos on his popular website—is this the future of journalism?

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SOPA Opera

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Plot twists evolve storyline in the great debate of online censorship (at least, for now).

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Gen W

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New vintners are changing the Santa Cruz Mountains wine industry

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2012 Predictions

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This could be the last year ever—that doesn't mean it won't be interesting

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Party Animals

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Calicove's Amazin and Authentic get ready to do what they do best on New Year's Eve at Motif in San Jose

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Their Kingdom Come

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The spectacle that is Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne tour hits San Jose and raises questions about cred and credit

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Two Silicon Valley authors relive the heyday of thrash metal in a new book

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Bite Me

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Still hot, vampires are sucking more than just blood

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Metro's guide to great locally made gifts

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Circus Freaks

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How a small band of San Jose pranksters started the Dysfunctional Family Circus craze

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One Vs. One

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An anti-wealth protest in San Jose was going nowhere fast until one crazy dude took advantage of city hall's expensive architecture.

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Market Forces

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The "ethnic food" aisle at any large chain supermarket looks downright sad compared to the dozens of ethnic food markets that populate Silicon Valley.

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Out of the Office

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New social spaces are displacing traditional workplaces

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