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Metro's guide to great locally made gifts

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Circus Freaks

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How a small band of San Jose pranksters started the Dysfunctional Family Circus craze

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One Vs. One

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An anti-wealth protest in San Jose was going nowhere fast until one crazy dude took advantage of city hall's expensive architecture.

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Market Forces

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The "ethnic food" aisle at any large chain supermarket looks downright sad compared to the dozens of ethnic food markets that populate Silicon Valley.

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Out of the Office

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New social spaces are displacing traditional workplaces

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Kitchen Confidential

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These chefs represent the hardworking middle tier of Silicon Valley restaurants, neither the high-end fancy restaurants nor the fast, casual counter-service places.

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Think Simple.

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Global technology's most influential figure stayed true to his vision and close to home

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Setting the Scene

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With a rush of local bands making a big noise from small clubs to festivals like Left Coast Live, has the South Bay music scene finally reached critical mass?

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Web It All

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How chips and connectivity are taking over your wallet, your phone, your life—and everything around you

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The Face Race

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Advances in facial-recognition software mean the end to privacy in public places

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Back to His Roots

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Palacio executive chef Manuel Martinez was born in Mexico and grew up eating Mexican food; but only recently did the chef start cooking Mexican food professionally

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Talking Back

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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed answers citizens’ questions from San Jose Inside

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Fall Arts

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Metro's annual guide to the best bets in concerts, performance and film in the South Bay

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Top Cult Films

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Our critic picks the best cult classics and the best new cult films

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Outside In

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Pride headliner Nehal Abuelata brings a unique slant to her performance this weekend at annual downtown San Jose celebration

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Caution: Weird Load

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'Magic Trip' takes viewers on a wild bus ride across America with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters  

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Rudy & The Flims

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The afterlife gets a makeover and is cooler than ever.

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Shear Passion

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Inspired by the ’80s, San Jose alt-rockers the Trims deliver a startling debut album

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The Coldest Beer

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The first-ever survey of polar pits around Silicon Valley. Plus: Ice distilling and home brewing.

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Final Fantasy

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For young readers who came of age reading Harry Potter, the last movie in the series brings back memories of wizardly affection.

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