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Get Low

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A new exhibit at the King Library traces San Jose’s proud history of lowriding culture.

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Hand Crafted

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The School of Visual Philosophy swims upstream, carving out an  analog sanctuary in a digital age.

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Winter Arts 2019

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A guide to the Silicon Valley’s chillest concerts, exhibitions and live performances.

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Last Man Standing

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Al Hinkle (1926-2018).

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America's fiber optic network lags behind Asia and Europe—and that’s a big problem.

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Welcome to silicon valley

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An insider’s guide to cuisine, nightlife, arts and entertainment in the south bay.

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2018 Year in Review

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Looking back on it now, Elon Musk’s launching of a Tesla Roadster into space serves as an apt metaphor for 2018.

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Up All Night

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There’ll be plenty of time for self-improvement in 2019—so eat, drink and be merry this New Year’s Eve.

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The Learning Curve

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Two decades later, a new TV show plumbs the dotcom boom for lessons and a glimpse into the future.

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Super Speech

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Charles Martinet turned a minor Shakespearean role into one of the most recognized voices in video game history.

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Jonathan Franzen came all the way to the Golden State to escape New York’s literary world, but his new book of essays shows he still loves a good argument.

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Gift Guide 2018

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A holiday guide to gifts made all the more meaningful for their amazing backstories.

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A Fighting Chance

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Mixed martial artists from around the globe flock to San Jose’s American Kickboxing Academy for a shot at glory in the Octagon.

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Department of Corrections

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How Raj Jayadev and Silicon Valley De-Bug are challenging and changing the American justice system.

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Listening to the Cosmos

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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, has rediscovered its swagger after decades of muddling along in survival mode.

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Splash of Color

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The POW! WOW! public art project is brightening up San Jose with a slew of massive murals.

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Lens Craft

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Rock & roll photographer Jay Blakesberg has spent a his life capturing the light shed by stars.

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Making the Impossible Possible

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Redwood City company merges high tech and food in a juicy, meatless burger.

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The Golden Browns

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An illuminating new book traces the history of modern California through its most famous political dynasty.

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Proud (Undocumented) American

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America’s most famous undocumented immigrant reflects on hiding in plain sight, from Mountain View to DC.

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