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The Price of Freedom

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Silicon Valley tries to quit money bail, but reform is a lot more complicated than a single vote.

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Silicon Valley Haunts

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A guide to the South Bay’s most famous ghosts and haunted spots.

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Bollywood Blues

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Channeling Memphis by way of Mumbai, Aki Kumar crafts a bi-continental sound.

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The days of only having delivery options of Chinese food and pizza are long gone, and restaurants and customers are better for it—for now.

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Chaos in the Valley

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Author Antonio García Martínez’ hilariously harsh memoir of trying to make a mint in the Valley ends with broken dreams and a broken finger.

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Supersizing The Moon

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Working out of an abandoned McDonald’s, scientists at Moffett Field are restoring humanity’s first lunar portraits.

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A Requiem for the Driver

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Autonomous vehicles will soon be present rather than future, and the consequences are as exciting as they are existential.

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Studio Startup

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Local producers deploy DIY ethos to overcome tech disruption.

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Elephant in the Valley

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Groundbreaking study of women in technology exposes the valley’s misogyny.

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Art Nouveau

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Faces of new leadership.

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Heading To Nowhere

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An excerpt from the upcoming novel, A Table for Fortune.

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Let’s Go Crazy

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Augmented-reality game’s popularity creates a gotta-catch-’em-all-22.

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The New Bohemians

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How a new generation of jazz musicians are winning younger fans and breathing new life into the original American art form.

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Paying Homage

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Steve Turre works to keep Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s legacy alive, returning to the Rahsaanathon every year to lead the “Eulipion All Stars” in a tribute to his mentor.

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San Jose police accused of wasting precious resources targeting gay hook-ups in public bathrooms.

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Tails of the Tap

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9 beer-based cocktails to toast away the summer. 

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BYOB: Build Your Own Baby

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Stanford professor’s new book ‘The End of Sex’ predicts a world where infants are made to order.

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So You Say You Can Help

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On a midweek morning at Tully Ballfield, people scramble up from the creek banks, pull up in ramshackle vans and bicycles for a meal and clothing giveaway.

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101 Ways to Make ‘Merica Great Again

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Pretty slow year in politics, huh? Ha! Got you, sucka.

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Lost in Translation

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An interpreter shortage has people giving up their rights, judges acting unethically and court officials saying everything is fine.

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