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The New Capital of Silicon Valley

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Levi's Stadium and billions in nearby development has Santa Clara watchdogs, including the civil grand jury, on the prowl.

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Hail Satan, Full of Grace

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How Satan became the new face of secularism, progressive activism.

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The Supersex Myth

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Trafficked, underaged girls are flooding into Silicon Valley for the big game. Yeah, right.

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Condemned Men Talking

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A day on San Quentin’s death row.

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Ground War

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A community uprising challenges political leaders’ determination to convert farmland into a huge housing development.

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2015 year in review

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How about that great economy? And national health care, yeah!

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The Protocol

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A guide to yet another overindulgent NEw Year's Eve in Silicon Valley.

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Orange Sauce

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We chased down the masters of Orange Sauce to get to the bottom of the addiction that has swept the South Bay.

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The Golden Road

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From tie-died, rainbow hallucinations to San Jose City Hall’s gray concrete plaza, the hazy history of the night that cemented the counterculture and changed America.

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Genre Bender

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How a punky Stanford alum ditched her degree, disregarded major label execs and hacked her way into the music biz.

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Winter Is Coming: Scientists Compare Past El Niño Storms

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Northern California’s apocalyptic weather dance has begun.

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50 Under $50

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A gift guide for people who want to spend half a Benjamin or less.

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Bonding Agent

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Richard von Busack on our love affair with 007.

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Forgotten Frontier

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A new exhibit at NUMU Los Gatos takes visitors back to a time when children roamed freely through fantastical landscapes.

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Eat Less, Taste More

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Orchard City Kitchen and head chef Jeffrey Stout have invited the sharing economy to dinner.

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Of Martians & Math

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How a local computer programmer with a fetish for scientific fact accidentally penned a best-selling sci-fi novel, inspired a blockbuster and reignited the public's interest in a manned mission to Mars.

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C2SV Preview

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A sneak peek at just a few of the great speakers and musicians at this year’s Creative Convergence Silicon Valley.

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Better Living Through Video Games

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Jane McGonigal won't be satisfied until a video game wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Reservoir Gods

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What's the water board doing about a contractor involved in a bribery scandal, cover-ups, conflicts and alleged billing fraud? Letting him have another million bucks.

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Algorithm Nation

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Researchers confirm social media profiles are a window to our souls and our wallets.

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