Longtime Locals

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New documentary series captures more than a century of history of the Portuguese people in California.

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Story Time

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Ao Dai Festival includes musical retellings of Vietnamese legends.

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A Motion for Poetry

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If Ever You Go shows off the sights, sounds and poets of a San Jose sister city.

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Ringside View

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Photographer Shirlie Montgomery captured candids of wrestlers at one of San JoseÕs first sports bars.

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Bodies of Work

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San Jose photographer Shirlie Montgomery shot prolifically throughout a career of more than half a century.

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Scales Model

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Playing together is key to the music programs for kids at School of Rock.

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Got It Made

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New Innovate, Create and Discover program shows that libraries aren't just for book learning.

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Sibling Revelry

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San Jose and Dublin celebrate sister city bonds with Lord Mayor's annual visit.

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‘Tag’ Team Effort

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A multi-gallery exhibition explores the stories of Japanese Americans forced into internment camps.

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Well Connected

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South First Fridays and Cinequest build creative urban synergy.

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Hidden Retreat

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Local history has overlooked the Western world's first ashram, built a century ago behind Mt. Hamilton.

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Jane Says

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With The Book of Jane, director Antero Alli taps into his feminine side.

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Contract Killer

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Author Barry Eisler’s series of assassin novels severed ties with traditional publishing.

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Major League

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San Jose Earthquakes mark all 40 years of their heritage at a massive anniversary party.

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Inside the Box

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Macintosh 30th anniversary party celebrates the beginnings of the groundbreaking machine.

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Image Shakeup

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San Jose Earthquakes rebrand-and get a new theme song-in time for their 40th anniversary.

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Signs of Greatness

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Show at Kaleid Gallery will pay tribute to late master sign-maker Rey Giese.

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Video Visions

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CreaTiVe Awards honor local videomakers and hail a free-speech legend.

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Social media amplify complaints about Milpitas' odor problems.

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Time in the Valley

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The family that founded Time Market and Sam's BBQ marks 75 years of running small South Bay businesses.

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