Tiki Time Two

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Slave Labor Graphics gets ready to bring a slice of Bohemia to its new home on Race Street.

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MACLA presents 'Grados Inefables,' a major new work by composer Desmar Guevara.

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Champion Writer

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San Jose author Cathleen Miller shares stories of worldwide activism in the face of great obstacles.

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Surely, You Gesture

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With two Theremins at his command, Jakub Ciupinski creates a strange collaboration with Ballet San Jose.

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Beat Spirits

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Lynn Rogers’ literary Sparring events bring together voices from the area’s Beat history.

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Space Race

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SJ Made, NextSpace and the city come together to solve San Jose's feeling of emptiness.

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Three Ringer

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Jesuit priest and performer Nick Weber recalls his days of circus play at Bellarmine and SCU.

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Moveable Feast

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Thanks to county poet Sally Ashton, local bus riders got some good reads between the ads.

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Prank Talk

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How I once aided an elaborate literary prank on Cinequest Maverick award winner Chuck Palahniuk.

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Key Figures

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Two music teachers at SJSU helped make Thollem McDonas a nomadic piano genius.

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Sheet Feeders

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Two San Jose collectors helped build the library's massive holdings of classic sheet music.

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Branching Out

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Seven Trees and Bascom branch libraries in San Jose showcase forward-thinking enviro design.

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ZERO1 Adds Up

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A new ZERO1 Garage program links artists with high-tech sponsors for innovative collaborations.

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Fractal Paths

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Two new books about Benoit Mandelbrot and Edith Piaf reveal a surprising San Jose node.

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Ludwig Wonders

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A new concert hall at Stanford and the Beethoven Center at SJSU celebrate the composer's life and music.

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Willow’s Way

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The urban-blight exploration junkie takes a walk in time to Goosetown by way of Willow Street.

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This Saturday, CreaTV honors the works of local TV talents, both established and just starting out.

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Harmony Year

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In 2012, opposing forces came together in surprising harmony to explain the San Jose condition.

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Art Play

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Forty-Niner Vernon Davis shows off his own art and encourages young artists at Gallery 85.

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Lighting the Way

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A new San Jose initiative seeks to turn cold underpasses into eye-catching light shows.

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