Wall Together

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CreaTV encourages San Joseans to 'raise their voices' with a Free Speech Wall.

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Village of the Damned

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Residents of Alviso neighborhood cling to roots, fight for future.

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Stones Angels

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One-time Dead and Stones manager Sam Cutler comes to new Studio Bongiorno to tell what really happened at Altamont.

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Cats Kill

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Birders and shelter officials say feral cats endanger other species.

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Petals and Peacocks

Petals and Peacocks, founded 26-year-old Victoria Velasquez and her fiance, Ryan Mante, was launched to national renown from the South Bay, so the idea of opening a local flagship store grew on Velasquez.

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Bob Calhoun: Shattering Conventions

In his new book, Bob Calhoun wallows in the underbelly of conspiracy and sci-fi conventions.

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Torso Titian

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Painter Trina Merry creates mobile masterpieces on the bodies of her willing subjects.

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Tea and Synchronicity

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A sip of Montreal's tea culture evokes a Proustian memory of San Jose's Satori Tea.

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Design Is All

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A Montreal conference stresses the power of imagination-from street mimes to Steve Jobs' yacht.

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Keep It Brief

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PechaKucha 20x20 lets people share their vision for the city-in 20 seconds tops.

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Getting Stitched

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A new show as the SJ Museum of Quilts & Textiles looks at moments of transformation.

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Jobs Seeker

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In his new book, Nolan Bushnell of Atari fame offers hints on how to find and hire the next Steve Jobs.

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Tiki Time Two

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Slave Labor Graphics gets ready to bring a slice of Bohemia to its new home on Race Street.

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MACLA presents 'Grados Inefables,' a major new work by composer Desmar Guevara.

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Champion Writer

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San Jose author Cathleen Miller shares stories of worldwide activism in the face of great obstacles.

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Surely, You Gesture

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With two Theremins at his command, Jakub Ciupinski creates a strange collaboration with Ballet San Jose.

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Beat Spirits

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Lynn Rogers’ literary Sparring events bring together voices from the area’s Beat history.

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Space Race

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SJ Made, NextSpace and the city come together to solve San Jose's feeling of emptiness.

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Three Ringer

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Jesuit priest and performer Nick Weber recalls his days of circus play at Bellarmine and SCU.

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Moveable Feast

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Thanks to county poet Sally Ashton, local bus riders got some good reads between the ads.

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