ZERO1 Adds Up

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A new ZERO1 Garage program links artists with high-tech sponsors for innovative collaborations.

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Fractal Paths

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Two new books about Benoit Mandelbrot and Edith Piaf reveal a surprising San Jose node.

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Ludwig Wonders

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A new concert hall at Stanford and the Beethoven Center at SJSU celebrate the composer's life and music.

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Willow’s Way

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The urban-blight exploration junkie takes a walk in time to Goosetown by way of Willow Street.

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This Saturday, CreaTV honors the works of local TV talents, both established and just starting out.

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Harmony Year

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In 2012, opposing forces came together in surprising harmony to explain the San Jose condition.

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Art Play

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Forty-Niner Vernon Davis shows off his own art and encourages young artists at Gallery 85.

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Lighting the Way

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A new San Jose initiative seeks to turn cold underpasses into eye-catching light shows.

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Pong Birds

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A night at Rooster T. Feathers marks 40 years of Pong—and salutes  the retro exotica of Murphy Avenue.

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High and Low

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Local travel writer Daniel Arnold made a trek that few would even imagine possible.

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Two Worlds

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Two disparate influences- easy listening and punk-co-exist at San Jose Rock Shop and Seeing Things Gallery.

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Getting It Right

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After some hard times, the Mexican Heritage Plaza is busy with classes and performances.

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Process Painter

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A new show at the SJ Museum of Art shows the art of Eric Fischl and how he got there.

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Three Spirits

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Author Don Lattin mixes his own tale of descent and recovery with story of three spiritual visionaries.

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Art Nexus

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Jerry Yang's Asian art collection inspires creative thoughts of how East meets West in Silicon Valley.

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Quakes and Shakers

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In the mid- '70s, the Earthquakes drew the biggest crowds in American soccer and the Shakers cheered them on.

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Founding Quakers

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The true believers of 1974 reunite to salute the history of the Earthquakes and pro soccer in San Jose.

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Beyond the Tat

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MACLA presents the San Jose premiere of a new play with Ric Salinas of Culture Clash.

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Is the End Nigh?

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So say some readers of the Maya calendar-a new documentary examines the reality behind the theories.

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Kicking It

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Soccer great Brandi Chastain reaches out to girls with ReachuP! Foundation event.

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