420: Here’s Your Stuff Back

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While some San Jose cannabis providers experience a not-so-merry holiday season, Christmas has come early for others. About two weeks ago, employees at San Jose Patients Group and Angel’s Care Collective got word that criminal charges stemming from a Santa Clara County raid in November 2010 were being dropped.

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Racers’ Edge

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The recent opening of K1 Speed in Santa Clara, at 295 Mead Ave., can provide one’s inner Michael Schumacher a chance to let loose around a winding track.

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420: Numbers Game

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The medi-pot people thought they had enough signatures for a referendum, buy San Jose’s Registrar of Voters didn’t think the numbers added up

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Silicon Alleys: Master Hermann

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The anti-man-about-town has emerged in this space quite a few times over the years, but after experiencing the Hermann Hesse Museum and Foundation in Montagnola, Switzerland, he just may have found a new inspirational terrain

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420: Pot Talks

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While San Jose's newly suspended medcial marijuana regulations float in legal limbo, Metro has learned that city officials have held meetings with the area's cannabis activists to figure out a compromise

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Silicon Alleys: Special F/X

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This Friday, the fans of San Jose’s once-famed F/X nightclub will gather at Brix

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Winter Sports for Bicyclists

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San Jose Bike Club's Winter Series allows cyclists to maintain their fitness during the colder months.

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420: Hemp Camp

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Jittery sellers and users made for a sparser-than-normal turnout at last weekend’s HempCon in San Jose

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Silicon Alleys: Face Time

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On the SJSU campus, a heroic faction of art students calling themselves Dirty Brushes has enlivened a primer-blue construction wall with replicas of famous self-portraits

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Blood and Guts

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This Saturday, HP Pavilion will play host to one of the rawest forms of combat: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

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Silicon Alleys: No Bailing

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A San Jose grassroots campaign fights to keep Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark open

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420: Rolling Number

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Anti-drug ads have portrayed pot smokers as lazy and unmotivated. But given the announcement by medical cannabis supporters at a press conference last Friday, that old stereotype might need some revising.

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Silicon Alleys: Rock On

A visit to Cleveland’s Hall of Fame reveals connections to history of rock & roll in San Jose

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420: Referendum Update

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San Jose cannabis activists hoping to repeal the city’s new dispensary regulations say they are on track to collect a 47,000th petition signature before the deadline

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Welcome Back Warriors

As fall begins to give way to winter, there is a distinct smell of burning leaves in the evening air that reminds me of basketball

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Silicon Alleys: Auguste Days

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Famed sculptor Rodin left his imprint on generations of artists, as shown in a new Stanford exhibit

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Silicon Alleys: Mysterioso

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From Kepler to Father Serra, John Thompson’s new book uncovers the conspiracies of a California mission

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420: Compassion

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One dispensary owner believes that medical-marijuana collectives can do good social work

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Death Race

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No bike rick has as many hazards as seen in the annual Race Across America

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Silicon Alleys: Kickin’ It

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A new exhibit at San Jose City Hall charts the storied history of soccer in San Jose

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