Death Race

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No bike rick has as many hazards as seen in the annual Race Across America

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Silicon Alleys: Kickin’ It

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A new exhibit at San Jose City Hall charts the storied history of soccer in San Jose

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420: Feds Crack Down

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San Jose pot pot dispensaries have a lot more to worry about than the city’s new regulations as U.S. attorneys in California announced last week a coordinated crackdown on the state’s cannabis clubs

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Will there be enough weed to go around? Some San Jose patients requiring medical marijuana worry they will be left out in the cold once the city’s new regulations take effect.

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Silicon Alleys: Rebirth

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A new School of Arts & Culture seeks to revive San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Plaza

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420 Column: High and Dry

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Two years ago, Dave Hodges opened his cannabis dispensary, All-American Cannabis Club, with the intention of winding up in court.

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Silicon Alleys: Cambrian Era

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A lurid past lurks beneath the sun-baked sprawl of the Cambrian 36 area in the wilds of San Jose    

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Board Games

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Saturday’s 13th-annual skateboard contest at Lake Cunningham  Park honors skate legend Tim Brauch

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Silicon Alleys: Exchange Rate

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A unique exchange brings Russian artists to San Jose for sister-city photo project

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Santana Scene

Last weekend’s runway show at Santana Row featured TV celebs, flirty models and lots of pageantry

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Silicon Alleys: Scan This

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The new mobile app Scanjose lets curiosity seekers relive San Jose’s sometimes tumultuous past on their smartphones

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Cult Feedback

Metro readers respond with passion and suggestions to cult-film picks

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Silicon Alleys: Keys to Success

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Upstairs from a Palo Alto pizza joint, young players learn the joys of music at the New Mozart School

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Silicon Alleys: Fly Zone

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A tour of Mineta San Jose Airport reveals a range of upgrades for safe travel

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Silicon Alleys: Fish Tale

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In British Columbia, Canada, the remains of historic fishing canneries gain a new lease on life

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Silicon Alleys: Sonic Sutra

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A trip to Canada to see Ken Kesey’s sound system leads back to San Jose and Stevens Music    

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Silicon Alleys: Art on the Move

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The dressed-up and decked-out art cars roll into downtown San Jose on Friday.

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Silicon Alleys: Half-Pipe Dreams

A reunion at the Blank Club salutes the heady days of Winchester Skate Park some 30 years ago

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Silicon Alleys: Back of Beyond

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A planned reunion for seminal valley music club One Step Beyond recalls touring bands from Jane’s Addiction to the Ramones.

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Silicon Alleys: Socializing Media

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A panel on social media and a visit to a Little Italy fundraiser boost San Jose’s mood.

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