The Defenders

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UNAFF 2019, the South Bay’s best documentary festival, returns.

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On The Run

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‘Breaking Bad’ sequel ‘El Camino’ gives Jesse Pinkman sendoff he deserves.

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Thumbnail for Chuckleburg

Joaquin Phoenix is ever-surprising as a Clown of Thorns in ‘Joker.’

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Old Flat Top

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Stanford Theatre screens ‘Frankenstein’ and other Universal horror classics.

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Lonely at the Top

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Renee Zellwegger plays Judy Garland in the new biopic, ‘Judy.’

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Grand Delusion

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In ‘The Sound of Silence,’ a loner savant takes his tuning forks to New York.

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Space Madness

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Nerveless astronaut (Brad Pitt) confronts a distant father in ‘Ad Astra.’

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Color Study

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‘Ms. Purple’ showcases the power of pre-production, San Jose’s Tiffany Chu.

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Together Again

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The gang reunites for a head-scratcher of a sequel in Stephen King’s ‘It, Chapter 2.’

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Artful Ashes

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‘The Goldfinch’ is an engrossing but never convincing adaptation of Donna Tartt’s novel of grief and art.

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Thumbnail for Anti-Heroes

Amazon streaming series, ‘The Boys,’ imagines a bizzarro Justice League.

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After the Wedding

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A pallid remake performs a gender switch, but it’s no use.

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Devil’s Island

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‘The Nightingale’ sometimes soars, but is brought low by sadism, violence.

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Good & Evil

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Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy screens at Pruneyard Cinemas labor day weekend.

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Water Dogs

Thumbnail for Water Dogs

In ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon,’ two fugitives buddy-up for a ‘Huckleberry Finn’-style adventure.

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Tales of Terror

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‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ delivers classic horror and nostalgia.

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Thumbnail for Mansonmania!

'Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood,' not Woodstock, turns out to be the 1969 nostalgia item.

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Scrape Goats

Thumbnail for Scrape Goats

‘The Great Hack’ explores how the power of suggestion swung voters in 2016.

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Bum’s Paradise

Thumbnail for Bum’s Paradise

Friendship and flamethrowers abound in ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.’

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Southern Discomfort

Thumbnail for Southern Discomfort

In ‘Sword of Trust,’ a pawn shop owner is sucked into a vast Deep State conspiracy by a confederacy of dunces.

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