Review: ‘Manchester By The Sea’

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Casey Affleck earns Oscar buzz in excellent drama

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Review: ‘Loving’

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Justice is delivered in the latest film from Southern director Jeff Nichols

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Hero Worship

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Ang Lee’s excellent ‘Billy Lynn’ explores one soldier’s inner war.

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Identity Politics

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Searingly honest ‘Moonlight’ tells the tale of an ultimate underdog.

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Wizardly World

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J.K. Rowling’s pre-Hogwarts adventure is positively enchanting.

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Muses of Fire

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Benedict Cumberbatch goes from broken neurosurgeon to top-notch sorcerer in ‘Dr. Strange.’

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Lust For Life

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Jarmusch’s ‘Gimme Danger’ captures the sound and fury of Iggy Pop.

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Hanks a Lot

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Leading man shines, as always, in otherwise over-the-top ‘Inferno.’

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Taking It Easy

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Iconic Brazilian actress Sonia Braga stars in ‘Aquarius.’

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That Uncertain Feeling

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In ‘Certain Women,’ Kristen Stewart plays Beth, who commutes hours to a thankless job in an effort to raise her station.

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Baby’s Day Out

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Collector’s edition of ‘Raising Cain’ provides new insights into film.

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Short Cuts

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Before he went on to direct the blockbuster space action flick, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ James Gunn cut his teeth working on short films.

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News of the World

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‘Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism’ is one of many films with a feminist bent at the UNAFF.

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I Didn’t Say That

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Though ‘Denial’ drags, it still hits potent political parallels.

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Rain Man With A Gun

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In ‘The Accountant,’ Ben Affleck plays an autistic assassin.

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Martyr’s Crown

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Buzzed-about ‘Birth of a Nation’ fights the good fight.

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Knowing the Drill

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Mark Wahlberg plays the hero in ‘Deepwater Horizon,’ a film that is thrilling until it becomes unbelievable.

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Fantastic Formula

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Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregrine’ predictable, still plenty of fun.

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The Eye

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‘Snowden’ oversimplifies the life, work of the young whistleblower.

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‘Magnificent’ Maligned

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Chris Pratt exacerbates an already bad remake of ‘The Magnificent Seven.’

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