Rain Man With A Gun

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In ‘The Accountant,’ Ben Affleck plays an autistic assassin.

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Martyr’s Crown

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Buzzed-about ‘Birth of a Nation’ fights the good fight.

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Knowing the Drill

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Mark Wahlberg plays the hero in ‘Deepwater Horizon,’ a film that is thrilling until it becomes unbelievable.

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Fantastic Formula

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Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregrine’ predictable, still plenty of fun.

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The Eye

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‘Snowden’ oversimplifies the life, work of the young whistleblower.

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‘Magnificent’ Maligned

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Chris Pratt exacerbates an already bad remake of ‘The Magnificent Seven.’

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Bigger Splash

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Though ‘Sully’ has issues, Eastwood’s film touts worthy hero.

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Noah’s Dork

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Jerry Lewis proves he still has his wits about him in ‘Max Rose.’

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Discomfort Zone

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Airless exposition, lack of resonance, cause dramatic ‘Indignation.’

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Ostensibly a prequel to ‘Blade Runner,’ Luke Scott’s ‘Morgan’ scans as an ‘Ex Machina’ sequel.

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A Grand Apology

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‘Intolerance’: D.W. Griffith’s landmark film turns 100.

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Spirited Away

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‘Kubo’ a magical, mystical animated journey—for grown-ups.

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Western Recession

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Chris Pine attempts to save the ranch by robbing banks in the excellent ‘Hell or High Water.’

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Net Brutality

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Werner Herzog shines a light on the dark side of the web.

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Naked Lunch

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Seth Rogen plays Frank, the hot dog, in the raunchy ‘Toy Story’ sendup, ‘Sausage Party.’

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The Music Lovers

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Money almost buys happiness in excellent ‘Florence Foster Jenkins.’

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Team-Building Exercise

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In ‘Suicide Squad,’ Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn shows an imprudent amount of skin for a member of a CIA-backed paramilitary force.

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Kicking Assets

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Matt Damon reprises fan favorite role in ‘Jason Bourne.’

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Woody Allen Serves Cold Coffee

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Café Society’ is the best looking terrible movie you will see all year.

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Unified Field

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Chris Pine reprises his role as Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek: Beyond.’

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