Reeling In The Years

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Silicon Valley may not make for a sexy setting in Hollywood films, but it has played a pivotal role in shaping the entire industry.

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Another Country

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SJ-born director Matt Sobel explores cultural, familial tensions in ‘Take Me to the River.’

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Lady Gaga

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In ‘Hello, My Name is Doris,’ Sally Fields falls for a much younger man.

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Frag Radius

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‘Eye in the Sky’ examines emotions behind the ‘kill chain.’

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Augmented reality takes over one man’s real life in ‘Creative Control.’

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‘Trapped’ in a Legal Web

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The new documentary ‘Trapped’ makes the case that new abortion laws work to trap poor women in unwanted pregnancies.

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Wild Things

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Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ lampoons the human political world—with animals.

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Family Secrets

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Odessa Young plays the titular role in ‘The Daughter’—a story modeled after Ibsen’s ‘The Wild Duck.’

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Jungle Cranks

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Embrace of the Serpent merges Conrad and Herzog with mixed results.

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Hometown Hero

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James Franco kicked off this year’s Cinequest with a discussion on the future of storytelling through film.

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Into the Woods

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'The Witch’ explores the fears of America’s founding fathers-and daughters.

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Rebellious Curls

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George Clooney plays a kidnapped movie star in the new Coen brothers film, ‘Hail Caesar!’

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Deadpool’ appeals to the lowest common denominator, but that’s kind of the point.

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Kali Hawk and Marlon Wayans lampoon ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in ‘50 Shades of Black.’

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The Short List

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Camera 3 Cinemas is showing six Oscar-nominated short films.

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Cinequest 2016

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James Franco will be among Cinequest 2016’s Maverick Spirit Award recipients.

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Senior Moments

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‘The Lady in the Van’ gives viewers a lesson in compassion and charity.

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Puppet Show

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Neurosis, despair and claymation in Charlie Kaufman’s latest film, ‘Anomalisa’.

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The Son

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In ‘Son of Saul,’ the camera keeps a tight focus on one man’s struggle to survive Auschwitz.

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In Sheep’s Clothes

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Strong performances anchor ‘Lamb’—a film about misguided romance.

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