Girls Will Be Girls

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Mustang’ follows a group of young Turkish girls pushing back against the patriarchy.

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The Femme Force Awakens

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This year in movies saw more strong and independent female characters.

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Vapid Violence

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Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds was revenge against the Nazis, and his Django Unchained was revenge against the slavers. The Hateful Eight is his revenge against Western movies—a softer target.

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Making Eyes

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Blanchett and Mara’s performances  can’t save ‘Carol’ from itself. 

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In ‘The Danish Girl,’ Eddie Redmayne plays Einar Wegener, perhaps the first person to ever undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

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A Familiar Force

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The new ‘Star Wars’ film trots out the same tropes, which fans will surely love.

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Walking Dead

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Mud, marble and mumbling: ‘Macbeth’ is atmospheric, abridged and often aimless.

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Twin Town

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Legend is director Brian Helgeland's take on the career of the Kray Brothers.

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Family Fight

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In the seventh installment of the 'Rocky' series, 'Creed' lands the most punches.

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A Walled-Off World

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In the psychological drama, 'Room,' a mother and son live as captives, though the little boy doesn't know it.

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All The Archbishop’s Men

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'Spotlight' tells the story of a special investigative team that uncovered a pattern of child abuse within the Catholic archdiocese of Boston.

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Girl Interrupted

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In 'The Wonders,' an adolescent Italian girl is tempted by television.

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Immigrant Song

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A strong script, soundtrack and cinematography anchor ‘Brooklyn’.

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Winter Hymn

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In 'Heart of a Dog,' Laurie Anderson remembers her dog, her mother and the Sept. 11 attacks.

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Broken Records

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‘All Things Must Pass’ documents the rise and fall of Tower Records.

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Film Studies

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Stanford Theatre takes viewers way back with ‘Fox Studios Through 1935’

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Loveable Loser

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‘The Peanuts Movie’ gets the classic comic strip mostly right.

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Mid-Career ‘Crisis’

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Political dramedy 'Our Brand Is Crisis,' finds Sandra Bullock staring down an uncertain future.

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Three Steves

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Despite the hype, 'Steve Jobs' biopic is mostly a flop.

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Murray Don’t Like It

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Barry Levinson may be the first to do a comedy about Afghanistan.

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