Dogged Devotion

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An imperiled bartender saves a puppy and blunders into more danger in noirish drama The Drop.

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Girl, Interminable

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A sort-of musical loosely based on the founding of Glasgow band Belle and Sebastian.

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The May-Decemberists

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The Last Robin Hood chronicles an old Hollywood star's final scandalous affair.

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Out of Print

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Fall brings an array of films based on books—and board games.

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The Bomb

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New monthly film series highlights the guilty pleasures of B movies.

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’Stay’ Away

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Adam and Mia are young lovers who may or may not get a second chance after a car accident leaves Mia comatose.

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Martyr Most Foul

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The Irish import Calvary restages Jesus's last climb as a week on the Irish coast.

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Siddharth follows a man on his journey through India searching for his missing son.

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Alive Inside

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The documentary 'Alive Inside' follows the work of Dan Cohen, who believes that music can aid dementia patients.

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Space Cadets

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Alien misfits play keep away with powerful orb coveted by a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Soul Survivor

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Chadwick Boseman portrays a young James Brown in a biopic about the Godfather of Soul.

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Medium Well

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A hack magician falls for a seemingly legit spiritualist in the stiff, starchy Magic in the Moonlight.

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The Big Picture

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Richard Linklater's Boyhood took its time, filming its actors over 13 years.

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Silence, Dog!

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An actress puts a director on the casting couch in Venus in Fur.

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Gorilla Warfare

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Appreciating the cultural phenomenon of the Planet of the Apes franchise.

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Screen Time

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'Life Itself' explores the many facets of Roger Ebert's life and career.

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Fun Size

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Thelma and Louise for the next generation.

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The Music Lovers

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Rom-com Begin Again hits the right notes without too much production.

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Astroturf Jungle

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Indie doc Citizen Koch scrutinizes the parties behind the Tea Party.

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Sad Max

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The Rover explores well-traveled territory-but with far less humor.

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