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Martin Scorsese falls for a crooked broker’s long con with The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Thumbnail for Wigstock

Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence have that '70s glow in 'American Hustle.'

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Village People

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The Coen brothers' latest film revisits the 1960s folk scene through one troubadour's troubles.

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Sweet Spirit

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Legendary pinup Bettie Page was naked but never nude, as seen in the new doc Bettie Page Reveals All.

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Smaug Warning

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a huge improvement over An Unexpected Journey.

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Für Elise

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Loss—and then disillusionment—takes a toll on a couple in The Broken Circle Breakdown.

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Hammer Time

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Spike Lee's fast, ruthless remake of 'Oldboy' follows a bloody trail of vengeance.

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Beta Testing

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'Betas' mines valley stereotypes for its cast of characters.

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Cowboy Up

Thumbnail for Cowboy Up

A scrawny Matthew McConaughey brings life to Dallas Buyers Club.

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Pale Blue Eyes

Thumbnail for Pale Blue Eyes

Blue Is the Warmest Color transcends its sensational reputation with its portrait of a first love.

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Horror Film

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The movie is alive with knockout character acting.

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Warrior of the People

Thumbnail for Warrior of the People

A decade after its end, and with a creator best known for a superhero blockbuster, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still offers inspiring-and spooky-TV.

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Blood and Gutless

Thumbnail for Blood and Gutless

The House in the Alley and Carrie distill their horror from well-worn scares.

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Full Bore

Thumbnail for Full Bore

Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Julian Assange plot to free some information.

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Shorts Supply

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A double portion of film fests this week in the South Bay.

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Captain Courageous

Thumbnail for Captain Courageous

Tom Hanks discusses his portrayal of a real-life captain who faced hijacking in Captain Phillips.

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Lost in Space

Thumbnail for Lost in Space

Gravity draws real thrills from the vast emptiness and silence of space.

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We Like Reich

Thumbnail for We Like Reich

'Inequality for All' follows former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on a speaking tour.

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Boys’ Lives

Thumbnail for Boys’ Lives

Between Rush and Don Jon, boys will be boys when it comes to fast cars, beautiful women and porn.

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Smilers and Knives

Thumbnail for Smilers and Knives

Masseuse Eva enjoys dating Albert-until a client, who's Albert's ex-starts sharing her opinions.

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