Screen Gems

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Cinequest returns in late February with guest stars, foreign features, local heroes and a new role for audiences.

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Brawn and Quartered

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Sung Kang attempts to teach Sylvester Stallone how to tweet his threats in 'Bullet to the Head.'

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Tense Reunion

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Predictable obstacles are overcome as four famed musicians get together for another concert in Quartet.

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The Parent Trap

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Isabelle Nlisse and Megan Charpentier play weird sisters in 'Mama.'

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End of the Affair

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Michael Haneke's Amour faces a difficult subject head on, without flinching but with a kind of hard solace.

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No cost is too great-up to and including torture-to get bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.

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Water World

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Marion Cotillard plays a killer-whale trainer with issues in 'Rust and Bone.'

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Movie Tones

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From 'The Master' to 'Skyfall' and 'Lincoln,' the movies of 2012 sought a measure of nuance in a left-right world.

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Frack to the Future

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A semicynical, semisweet tale of salespeople from Global Oil.

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Just Miserable

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The big-screen version of Les Mis is so wrongheaded it even taints Victor Hugo himself.

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FDR takes his cousin Daisy for a ride-in more ways than one.

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Jackson’s Django

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Quentin Tarantino visits the old South, but Samuel L. Jackson carries the load in Django.

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As Time Goes By

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Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann have trouble facing up to middle age in 'This Is 40.'

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Pale Prequel

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Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.'

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Blended Family

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Patrick Wang's In the Family delves into a complex topic without succumbing to platitudes.

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Holiday Horrors

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The elves are not what they seem.

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Hitch in Time

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A new film about the master of suspense reminds modern moviegoers how much Hitchcock is missed.

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Staging Tolstoy

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Keira Knightley stars as the anti-heroine of 'Anna Karenina.'

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Blithe Spirits

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The best animated film of the year, Chris Butler and Sam Fell's ParaNorman (just out on DVD).

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Hold That Tiger

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Life of Pi may not make a compelling case for believing, but its computer graphics are transcendent.

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