On the Road

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Ryan Gosling’s taciturn getaway driver makes left turns cool in ‘Drive’

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DVDs: Deep Welles

A new three-disc set celebrates the 70th anniversary of ‘Citizen Kane’

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Seedy Roam

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‘Brighton Rock,’ adapted from the 1938 Graham Greene novel, has a poetic subject for the camera. It doesn’t disappoint on the level of poetry, but the literalness is hard to credit.

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Boxed In

Two brothers square off in ‘Warrior,’ while Nick Nolte trains by devouring whole hams

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Josiane belasko brings a dose of charisma to the new French feature 'The Hedgehog'

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Speed Merchant

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A new documentary burnishes the already shiny reputation of Brazilian racing hero Ayrton Senna

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Fast and Befuddled

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'Bellflower' charts the meandering course of new gearheads in Los Angeles

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Annual Bliss

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Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturges see their future together in one-year increments in 'One Day.'

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Forgotten War

John Sayles’s 'Amigo' shows how foreign wars against insurgents can go wrong time and again

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The Prisoner of Baghdad

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Lee Tamahori’s ‘The Devil’s Double’ examines the horror show that was Saddam’s Iraq  

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The Maids

Screen adaptation of bestselling novel ‘The Help’ looks at race relations in ’60s South  

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Romping Room

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France is a hotbed of cheerful sexual politics in Michel Leclerc’s ‘The Names of Love.’

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Sita’s Side

Nina Paley’s animated film ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ gives a new twist to the Ramayana.

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Dictates of class and wealth undercut the usual procedural morality of a kidnapping tale in ‘Rapt’

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The Yiddish Twain

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The documentary ‘Sholom Alice: Laughing in the Darkness’ is the standout feature at the South Bay wing of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

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Hard Times

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Oliver Schmitz’s ‘Life, Above All’ takes a sobering look at a  young African girl’s survival tactics.

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Scandal Sheets

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The new Errol Morris documentary, Tabloid, is salty and strangely lighthearted in its investigation of a famed sex scandal of the 1970s.

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Hogwarts at the Movies

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Like the Bond series, the Potter movies ride a roller-coaster of quality.

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Robots at Bay

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Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' is helped by the use of effective 3-D—but nothing can help the plot.

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Bucking the System

Every really good teacher is, in part, a performer. And Buck Brannaman, horse whisperer, never lets his mask slip in the excellent documentary.

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