It may be Tim Burton, and not Martin Scorsese who is the most trendsetting filmmaker of the last 20 years. In 'Hugo,' Scorsese is working with Burton scriptwriter John Logan and a few of Burton’s past and future stars.

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Hawaiian Pop

Thumbnail for Hawaiian Pop

A patriarch must wrestle with family and heritage on the islands in ‘The Descendants'

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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Thumbnail for The Gods Must Be Crazy

There is much beauty but also a lot of brainlessness in 'Immortals'

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World Beater

Thumbnail for World Beater

Director Lars von Trier threatens earthly greed with a cosmic catastrophe in Melancholia

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Right Turn, Clyde

Thumbnail for Right Turn, Clyde

Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' starring Leonardo DiCaprio, takes on a half-century of history, from but the movie unfolds entirely in a few rooms

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Thumbnail for Rejuiced

Chris Paine’s documentary 'Revenge of the Electric Car' charts the race for a new kind of vehicle

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In From the Cult

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'Martha Marcy May Marlene' is a very tight thriller, quivering with emotional violence and suspense

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Bitter Fruit

Through the eyes of a social worker, ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ tells sordid tale of children transported to Australia

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Night of the Hunter

Johnny Depp steps back into 'The Rum Diary,' Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo-soaked view of America, but to lesser results

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The Skin Man

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In Almodóvar’s 'The Skin I Live In,' Antonio Banderas plays a mad doctor with designs on a woman’s body

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Blue Serge

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New bio-pic ‘Gainsbourg’ examines the early life and active sex life of famed French warbler

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Mr. Sandman

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The Berlin & Beyond Film Festival comes to the South Bay for an encore day of screenings at Camera 12 on Oct. 29

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Over the Wall St.

Thumbnail for Over the Wall St.

In Margin Call, the excesses of the traders at one broken brokerage echo the economy’s big bust

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Short Takes

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The Third Annual San Jose Short Film Festival brings fast hits of cinematic vision to CinéArts Santana Row

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United Films

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This year's UNAFF, which includes stops in Palo Alto, is as rich as ever, and rich with local interest.

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Stormy Weather

Thumbnail for Stormy Weather

Michael Shannon plays a stressed-out dad with big fears in taut ‘Take Shelter’

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Thumbnail for Stoned

The Poppy Jasper film festival is “the festival that really rocks”: the egregious pun refers to the semiprecious stone only found in the Morgan Hill area

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Bird Brains

Thumbnail for Bird Brains

Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black are so good they can make bird-watching funny in ‘The Big Year’

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Thumbnail for Robotics

'Real Steel' remakes the classic kid-boxer story with large metal objects bashing and crashing

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Sausage Making

Thumbnail for Sausage Making

Idealism clashes with ruthless politics as George Clooney runs for presidents in ‘The Ides of March’

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