Dinner and a Movie

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The former Camera 7 reopens as Pruneyard Cinemas this weekend—replete with craft brew and new movies.

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Lonely Planet

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Netflix resurrects ‘Lost in Space’ with a lavish all-ages reboot.

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Swift and Silent

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‘A Quiet Place’ is an intense and well-made thriller about a family’s stand against extraterrestrial invaders.

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Kaiju Fatigue

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In ‘Rampage,’ a giant wolf, giant gorilla and giant alligator tear up Chi-town.

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Twisted Nerve

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Stanford Theatre celebrates ‘Hitchcock and Other Masters of Suspense.’

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Hunting Easter eggs, a gamer becomes the savior of worlds in ‘Ready Player One.’

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Turning Japanese

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The arch-clever ‘Isle of Dogs’ mistakes remoteness for Japanese ‘beauty in sadness.’

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Communist Plot

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The uproarious ‘Death of Stalin’ has fun with farcical Politburo power grab.

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Day-glo girl-power platitudes fall flat in Disney adaptation of ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’

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‘Platoon’ Pals

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Cinequest closes out with a screening of documentary ‘Brothers in Arms.’

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The Spy Who Bored Me

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J-Law is a Russki love-machine enslaved to the pseudo-Commies in Red Sparrow.  

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Dr. Thomas Starzl pioneered the liver transplant. So why isn’t he better known?

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Beautiful and Bizzare

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Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s ‘Southern Reach’ trilogy, ‘Annihilation’ echoes ‘Body Snatchers’ and ‘Stalker.’

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Battle Royal

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'Black Panther’ comes to the rescue with a superb, action-packed superhero story we can believe in.

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Helen Mirren shines as the haunted Sarah Winchester—too bad ‘Winchester,’ like the Mystery House, seems unfinished.

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Catch up on 2018 Oscar-nominated shorts at the Guild Theatre.

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Quest Comeback

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The 2018 Cinequest lineup features William H. Macy, Charlie Sheen.

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Robot Hell

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Two new streaming sci-fi shows offer dystopian takes on the near future.

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Needles & Pins

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P.T. Anderson delivers one of his best films with help from Daniel Day-Lewis.

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Music to Our Ears

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The rechristened 3Below opens Jan. 11 with that old Retro Dome fave, ‘The Sound of Music.’

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