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No Pressure

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After years dealing with record execs, grueling tours and internal drama, Insolence is ready to just chill out.

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Rockabilly Road Warriors

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The Chop Tops have been keeping the pedal to the metal for 20 years.

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California Über Alles

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All-star lineup of old-school California punk bands, including The Offspring, to play Live 105’s ‘Punk Rock Picnic’.

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Spicy Beats

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Local DJ, John Beaver, will be spinning at the Electronic Sriracha Festival. He also helped book one of the stages.

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The Horror

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Animal Collective multi-instrumentalist Avey Tare heads up spooky group Slasher Flicks.

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Sunny Psych

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Sleepy Sun join Beck and The National at the First City Festival in Monterey.

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Bring Back the Beat

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Maxwell Borkenhagen’s plan to “show the world that San Jose doesn’t suck.”

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The Monarch

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The ‘Queen of Rockabilly’ took notes from The King and inspired generations of women rockers.

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Murder Music

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The Murder City Devils are coming to town, touring behind their first new album in more than a decade.

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SoFA Resurgent

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Funk/punk legends Fishbone will headline the SoFA Street Fair next month.

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Loud and Proud

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Jerry Roslie, lead singer of the Sonics, always loved the sound of overdriven amps.

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Southern Hustle

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Juicy J gets ahead by keeping his mind on his money.

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Synth Swell

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Wave Racer relies heavily on 'technology and the Internet' when crafting his glossy, maximal EDM.

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Exorcising Demons

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After three-year hiatus, Hurricane Roses return with sophomore album exploring life and death.

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Creative Convergence

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The Breeders are set to make a splash at the second annual C2SV Festival.

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This Cat’s Got Harp

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Renowned blues harmonica player Rick Estrin and his band, The Nightcats, will play at Redwood City’s upcoming blues festival.

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Music Back in the Park

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British ska legends The English Beat kick off this year’s Music in the Park.

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Eclectic Electro Duo

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Trading beats via Dropbox, Francisco y Madero craft surreal electronic tunes.

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A New Groove

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Records return to downtown San Jose with opening of Needle to the Groove.

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On Ice

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Ice-T revives Body Count to shock a new generation at the Mayhem Festival at Shoreline this weekend.

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