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Silicon Sounds

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Ambient music pioneer Robert Rich comes home to the valley.

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Bringing The Heat

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Atlanta punks Microwave balance pop sensibilities with honesty and pain.

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Dynamic Duo

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The Thermals co-founders Hutch and Kathy unplug, get back to basics.

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Keeping It ‘Real’

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‘Real People’ honors the influence New Orleans music has played on Lyrics Born’s career.

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Basketball Jams

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The official Golden State Warriors DJ, D-Sharp, keeps the crowd and players juiced with his selections.

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The New Style

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Black & Brown celebrates its 10th anniversary with ‘Downtown 500.'

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Guitar Heroes

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All Time Low prove guitar-driven pop can still rule the airwaves.

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Living For the Moment

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Fifteen years into his solo career Vic Ruggiero is still finding ways to keep his material fresh.

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Speaking The Language

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Founded locally, The English Language moved to Portland for cheaper rents. They play their first San Jose show since leaving this week.

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Experimental Folks

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Ukranian quartet DakhaBrakha coming to Stanford.

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Record Store Day

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Record Store Day is bringing special releases to local record stores.

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High On Fire are headlining Kirk Von Hammett’s ‘Fear FestEvil’

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Fun In The ‘Forest’

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As in their instrument-switching music video ‘Telephone,’ local band DOCKS are always looking for ways to keep things fresh.

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Old School

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MC Donwill of hip-hop duo Tanya Morgan says he views his group and its fans as an 'island of misfit toys.'

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Living The Dreem

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Prince Sole is finally finding success as part of the Dreem Teem production trio.

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The Unbreakable Band

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German post-punks Auxes coming to Caravan.

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Shredding in Sombreros

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Metalachi mix heavy metal and mariachi for one hell of a party.

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All About That RnBass

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Local vocalist Molia aims for R&B stardom with her new EP, out this week.

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Good With ‘Nothing’

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Scarub’s new album ‘Want Of Nothing’ finds the emcee in a clear headspace.

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Safe Sounds

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Youth organizer and Try The Pie leader Bean Tupou explores childhood and adolescence on ‘Domestication.’

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