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Living The Dreem

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Prince Sole is finally finding success as part of the Dreem Teem production trio.

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The Unbreakable Band

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German post-punks Auxes coming to Caravan.

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Shredding in Sombreros

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Metalachi mix heavy metal and mariachi for one hell of a party.

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All About That RnBass

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Local vocalist Molia aims for R&B stardom with her new EP, out this week.

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Good With ‘Nothing’

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Scarub’s new album ‘Want Of Nothing’ finds the emcee in a clear headspace.

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Safe Sounds

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Youth organizer and Try The Pie leader Bean Tupou explores childhood and adolescence on ‘Domestication.’

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Iron Age Metal

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Valensorow channel mythical Norse warriors and mix metal with traditional folk.

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Happy Trails

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Trails and Ways combine global sounds with punk ethos and indie pop sensibility.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

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Rabbit Quinn, née Leila Motaei, spins an ‘eerie, dark and beautiful bedtime story’ on her album, ‘Lost Children.’

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Reverb And Roar

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Roman Lions combine shoegaze and hardcore for a pummeling yet atmospheric sound.

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Victorino Goes Solo

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Eric Victorino has released the first single from his new solo project, Gestalt.

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Rock The Arcade

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Rockage 4.0 brings retro video games, The Thermals and many more bands to SJSU.

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Coming Up Cola

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San Jose rapper keeps it positive on new mixtape ‘No Such Thing’.

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Dunn The ‘Daydreamer’

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Tess Dunn to play residency at Streetlight Records.

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Finding Himself

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Former Mumlers frontman Will Sprott has a new album, ‘Vortex Numbers.’

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Breakfast of Champions

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Two South Bay music promoters are trying to kick the local scene into gear with their weekly morning focus group.

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Taking the Plunge

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San Jose-based Hard Girls are quitting their day jobs to give music their all.

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Minimalism, Maximized

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On her new EP, ‘Yes!,’ Amy LaCour creates a diverse musical statement with vocals and cello.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

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Emo punk may be experiencing a Renaissance, but Shinobu have been at this for a decade.

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Brainy Beats

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Happy Body Slow Brain brings technical, groove-heavy sound home for the holidays.

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