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Tap That

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Local guitarist leads math rock band Covet with piano-inspired finger-tapping technique.

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Dance Dance Karaoke

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Steve Hays, a.k.a. DJ Purple, puts on a different kind of karaoke show.

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Scratch That

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Merging old-school DJ techniques with a modern sound, MAKJ stands out.

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On The Cusp

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Portland electro-pop group NTNT cultivate a sound that could send them soaring.

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Old Soul

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South Bay native Jackie Gage puts a new twist on classic soul, R&B and jazz sounds.

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Back for Revenge

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The Whiskey Avengers are coming back to San Jose with a new dub EP and a full-length in the works.

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‘Cholo Goths’

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San Diego 'killwave' group Prayers meld hard-knock tales of barrio life with dark, minimal beats.

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Bigtime Bedroom Beats

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Reared in the South Bay, Charlie Yin turned a bedroom beat-making hobby into a career as Giraffage.

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A Darker Dance

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Scissors For Lefty crank up the gloom and introspection, while maintaining the sassy grove on 'Bangs & Lashes'.

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Grooves and Moves

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Con Brio stands out among modern soul and R&B groups.

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Deep Roots

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Local rap duo Tyson onBEATS break from past and discover ‘Purpose’ in the process.

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Licks and Laughs

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Comedian Phil Johnson tickles crowds with his jocular jams.

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Internet-Bred Video Stars

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Synth-pop duo Pomplamoose blew up on YouTube before ever playing a show.

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Like A Rockstar

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New San Jose venue Rockbar Theater is focused on bringing the rockstar experience to life.

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Hip-Hop Fables

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Living Legends crew member Aesop returns from a long hiatus to play Back Bar SoFA.

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Breaking Blues

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Now based in San Francisco, Fritz Montana got their start in the South Bay and are quickly becoming one of the bigger names on the local scene.

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Playing For Peace

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The OneBeat music residency and festival brings together artists from all over the globe.

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Return of the Tonies

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Tony! Toni! Tone! are headlining the first-ever San Jose Music Fest.

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Three’s Company

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Touring behind new live album, Moon Duo play Cafe Stritch in one of first American shows with new drummer.

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Voodoo Music

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After more than 25 years, the Voodoo Glow Skulls are still packing clubs with their high-energy ska-punk sound.

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