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On Decks

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First-wave skate-punk band the Faction reunites at the Blank Club.

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In a Trance

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DJ and   Dutch producer Armin van Buuren brings six hours of EDM theatrics to SAP Center.

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The Closer He Gets

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His music may be famously melancholy, but Morrissey’s wit has always shone through.

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Leaders of the New School

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Tyga’s headlining show in San Jose highlights the return of West Coast hip-hop to the mainstream.

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Lucky Number

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Anniversary show celebrates a decade and a half of 5606—and their evolution as a band.

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Heavier Than Thou

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The members of Thou eschew the spotlight to the point that they sometimes don’t even put the band’s name on their records.

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A Case of the Mondays

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Motown On Mondays’ recently launched San Jose chapter brings a new spin to classic soul.

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’True’ Sound

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With their latest release, the Dum Dum Girls create era-defying pop colored by many influences.

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Lay Off Them Shoes, Please

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At heart, Jim Heath of the Reverend Horton Heat is just a nice country boy.

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Swindled by the Groove

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Swindle merges EDM with many influences, but especially funk and jazz.

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Surviving SXSW

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Inspiration, innovation and tragedy on the streets of Austin.

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Gift of Gab

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Blackalicious Star brings Solo Show to Back Bar.

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Locked Out Of Your Car In Silicon Valley? Now What?

Living in Silicon Valley, the area comprised of the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay in Northern California can get quite crowded at times. The place is home to a large number of high tech giants along with thousands of startup companies, and, as expected, the approximately 4 million people living here make it hard to get by from time to time. Traffic jams are at home here as well; but what if you wake up one hectic morning in a hurry to get to the office only to discover you have accidentally locked yourself outside your car? If you are confronting with this problem right now, take a deep breath and read on. In just a few minutes you will get the fastest solution to your urgent problem.

Locked Outside Your Car? Don’t Panic!

Panicking makes us do crazy things, such as picking up a metal hanger and trying to unlock your car by yourself. This is how paint scratches usually occur, and you definitely don’t want to make more bad than good. So what you need to do is reach for your phone and immediately get in touch with your locksmith. If you have never used a locksmith before, a simple online search for a local locksmith service nearby should place you face to face with a list of valid choices. Not sure how to pick a locksmith? You need to focus on finding a technician that is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Pick one with several positive reviews and preferably a 24/7 mobile team available for your current car lockout problem. With so many high-tech specialists and developers here it is impossible not to come across a professional locksmith in just a couple of minutes.

When in doubt, you can contact the fellows at 24/7 Locksmith Service – they are a well-established company handling a vast array of residential, commercial, and automotive lock-related services. Emergency vehicle lockout services, jammed ignitions, broken car keys inside the ignition, or transponder key problems all fall into the category of services they are showing competitive rates for. Quickly check out their price list and see how much it would cost you to almost instantly unlock your car. The company has nationwide coverage in all states, hence they will immediately send over a mobile team to your location anywhere in the Silicon Valley area. Remember it’s always better to work with professionals who pride themselves with their service than try to handle things by yourself in an amateurish and potentially harmful manner.

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Queer as Punk

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Argentina’s Las Kumbia Queers bring a raw edge to romantic cumbia.

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Full Circle

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DJ Jazzy Jeff brings decades of experience to Myth Lounge.

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’Gold’ Strike

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Hip-hop artist Andrew Bigelow tackles economic disparity in Silicon Valley.

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Bow Flexing

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Violinist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson contains multitudes in his sound.

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What Makes Live Casino Entertainment So Popular?

What Makes Live Casino Entertainment So Popular?

Is it the live music, live bands, worldwide popular artists that show their face as special guests every once in a while on the glamorous stage of a casino in Vegas? Is it the lights that create the special mood for gambling, smoking cigars, having colorful cocktails, socializing and trying your luck behind the roulette or poker tables?

We Know The Secret!

There is a special type of a glam that every brick-and-mortar casino carried, no doubt about it. And it is that very glam that our Arq Sydney team is looking forward to bringing to you whenever prompted to do so. We handle lots of events- live shows included – and we possess just the right technical capacities to cater to your every sound and image needs. We make full use of MATV, intelligent lasers and lighting systems, and outside broadcasting alternatives for those shows with crowds that go over your estimated limits. So if you need us to help you put on the show of your life or simply promote your new casino branded games, we are here for you.   

Fact: Millions of Aussies are crazy about their games of pokies. Whether online or offline played inside specialized land casinos or pokies rooms, they love to try their luck at their favorite fruity or action-movie games. If you are looking to make your own pokies venue more popular, you can either broadcast a live event nationwide or internationally, promote your casino brand, or simply throw one heck of a part wearing your casino label on it so that the entire planet can know of it. We have got the right venue for you and we can provide you with the 3d animation or graphics you are looking for to carefully promote your games or new gambling venues to the large Australian public who usually like to access venues like the virtual one you can visit here. Playpokiesonline is a site that enables you to see which are the top 10 online casinos where the game of pokies is a star, read unbiased reviews, get the latest casino news and updates and watch casino videos of intros for the games or venues you would like to try. Needless to say the alternative of an online game of pokies offers its own clear advantages and a large percentage of players prefer to use online casinos to quench their thirst for their favorite games. But if you are looking for a way to promote your own brand of casinos via a powerful event, you can go ahead and get in touch with us and we will make sure to throw the show of your life for you.  

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Reappearing Act

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The Pixies hit the road again with new material-but without Kim Deal.

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New ‘Colours’

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Brian Jonestown Massacre's Joel Gion dug deep and found inspiration for an album-and his own band.

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