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Watership Up

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The patrons at Liquid in San Jose immerse themselves in the club’s aquatic lighting scheme.

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Justin Comes Alive

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How San Jose's one-man electronic project Seabright got from the bedroom to the stage.

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Los Gatos’ dredg will play their album ‘Catch Without Arms’ in its entirety at their Avalon show.

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Retro Pop

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The Inciters headline this weekend’s inaugural Retro Pop at Landmark Ballroom.

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Rude Boy Radio

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San Jose’s Them Rude Boys bring reggae, punk, ska and rock together for a sound that hearkens back to the greats.

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Strange Days

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This weekend’s offbeat Winter Fest, and the real reason for the unorthodox changes at San Jose Jazz.

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Ironic in Name Only

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For those looking for a true dive drinking experience, the self-labeled Dive Bar on Santa Clara Street, San Jose, is a flagrant case of false advertising.

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Rappers Gone Rock

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Rebelskamp's members can't stop freestyling.

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DMN Ology @ Cypher

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Chicago’s DMN Ology headlines the roster of guest artists this week at Cypher.

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The Bang

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Retro-girl-group the Bang shows off its new lineup at the Blank Saturday.

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Cult icon and head of the world’s loudest band, Lemmy brings Motorhead to the San Jose State Event Center Thursday

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Bay Area Performer Kreayshawn spoofs the very idea of 15 minutes of fame at Studio 8 this weekend

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Chris Pounders Films With David Lynch, Advances in Battle of the Bands

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The vocalist and guitarist of San Jose pop-punk band Pounders—which won a round of the Battle of the Bands at 9 Lives in Gilroy last week, and will compete in the semi-finals in March—has had his hawk for a few years now.

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Talib Kweli comes to Pagoda

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Doing the unexpected is nothing new for Talib Kweli and Res, the duo behind alternative R&B/hip hop group Idle Warship, which comes to Pagoda Lounge in San Jose on Saturday.

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Dibiase Guests at Treatment Club Night

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SoCal producer prodigy Dibiase remembers when L.A. became a beat mecca in 2005. Flipping his own first beats as a teenager growing up in Watts, he wasn’t too long out of high school when he started getting invited to events like Sketchbook.

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John Doe Brings Punk Idealism to Redwood City

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John Doe performs at Club Fox in Redwood City on Thursday, Feb. 2.

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A lot of rock stars want to be outlaws, but their heroes are tragic cowboys; Wilco's Jeff Tweedy was almost one of those country-rock train wrecks.

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Dan P and the Bricks

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Third-wave ska legends Dan Potthast of MU330 and Slow Gherkin thought they had put skanking behind them years ago. But it all came back to them in 2009, when Potthast joined up with four ex-Gherkin members and his fellow MU330 bandmate Matt Knobbe to form Dan P and the Bricks

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Contra Ville

San Jose's Contra Ville embraces the mismatch of styles known as jazz/indie/rock.

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Swagger Like Us

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Wallpaper breaks big with hip-hop humor, and Ricky Reed gets real.

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