Music & Nightlife

Contra Ville

San Jose's Contra Ville embraces the mismatch of styles known as jazz/indie/rock.

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Swagger Like Us

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Wallpaper breaks big with hip-hop humor, and Ricky Reed gets real.

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Maceo Parker

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Maceo Parker has played with some of the most iconic and eccentric personalities in music history

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Punk as Folk

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Satire is no joke for the weirdsters of Bobby Joe Ebola

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Language Arts Crew

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The crew's kicks off its new album this Saturday at the Blank Club in San Jose.

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Hidden Shane

Morgan Hill's Shane Dwight returns from Nashville for NYE with his best and most personal album yet

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Gill Life

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San Jose's Gillbillies add a dose of outlaw chic to surf-rock genre

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Bragging Rights

Why hip-hop needs Jay-Z and Kanye West's epic spectacle

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94.7 Wild Jam

If you're looking to get game-day conditioning for New Year's Eve, 94.9's Wild Jam live show has proved to be an adequate annual training ground

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Hop and Roll

Please Do Not Fight positions their holiday Rock Hop as the local alternative to Not So Silent Night

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Kottonmouth Kings

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Stoner-rap-rockers Kottonmouth Kings have switched gears completely, putting out all their music on their own label

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Gift Therapy

Ah, Nevermind. Although the Pixies’ Trompe le Monde, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ BloodSugarSexMagik and A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory were all released on the same day in 1991 as Nirvana’s breakthrough album, only Nevermind received the 20th-anniversary box-set treatment this year.

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Curious Quail

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The San Jose singer known as Curious Quail is getting infinitely more bizarre of late

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Korey Dane

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A new breed of singer/songwriters is development in Long Beach, and Korey Dane is one of the best

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Dirty Deeds

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From fuzzy math to misfit soul, Dirty Odd Seven do things differently

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Thumbnail for Lemuria

Lemuria have never been the kind of punk band to churn out a bunch of records

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Revolutionary Road

Thumbnail for Revolutionary Road

Immortal Technique takes his music and convictions on a cross-country tour of Occupy camps

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Record Store Day

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However one feels about the pros and cons of Record Store Day, it's working.

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Split Personality

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Coming off the Warped Tour and Left Coast Live, the South Bay's Anya and the Get Down mix it up

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Jazz Rush

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Trombonist Wayne Wallace introduces his newest piece, about the Gold Rush, on Saturday with the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

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