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A Man In Full

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On ‘Skeletons’ Danzig shares the music that made him.

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Long Live The Queen

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Madonna proves that she still sits upon the iron throne of pop royalty.

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‘Simply Strings’

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The San Jose Chamber Orchestra  kicks off 25th season with a strings-only program.

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Mixing It Up

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Production duo Christian Rich have been behind the scenes of artists from Lil’ Kim to Vince Staples.

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Paranoid Premier

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Darcy James Argue will debut his conspiracy theory-themed  ‘Real Enemies’ at Stanford.

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Ritzy Return

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Strata is playing the Ritz for the first time, feeling like a band again.

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Open Wide

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San Jose indie band, A Yawn Worth Yelling, play catchy forward-thinking tunes.

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Telling Tales

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San Jose duo Narrators are preparing to release their self-titled EP.

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SoFA Kings

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SoFA Street Fair 2015: five must-see acts at this year’s festival.

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Classic Rock

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The Jean Jackets’ frontman, Ismael ‘Millhows’ Villanueva found inspiration in early soul and doo-wop.

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The Show Goes On

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Yes won’t take no for an answer after passing of founding member.

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Analog Machines

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Playing fuzzy garage rock and punk, The Bots have carved out a successful path for themselves at a young age.

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Forty and Proud

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The 40th Silicon Valley Pride Festival should have something for everyone.

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Velvet Revival

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The Velvet Teen return with new full-length album, ‘All Is Illusory.’

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Change is Good

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Starover Blue, formerly Cartoon Bar Fight, have a new sound and new album on the way.

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Worldly Man

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Michael Franti of Spearhead stays in touch with the planet—literally.

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Nü Improved

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Orgy plot return at Rockbar Theater.

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‘Drive Thru Metal’

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Mac Sabbath perform faithful covers of Black Sabbath songs—with a fast-food twist.

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Love Sounds

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Recently reunited, The Lovemakers are opening for The Trims.

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Keeping It Casual

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When she’s not playing with The Thermals or All Girl Summer Fun Band, Kathy Foster likes to keep things fast and loose in Hurry Up.

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