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Table Talk

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Ludwigs German Table offers a modern, communal respite.

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Bay Bar Grill’s Tapas Twist

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Chicken Curry Toast is a highly satisfying and original dish.

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Paella to Please the Crowd

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Sipan Peruvian has a seafood paella dish that doesn’t disappoint.

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Agha’s to the Rescue

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Agha’s Gyro Express serves ridiculously tasty and affordable lamb over rice plates.

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A Good ‘Place’ to Be

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The Place is a San Jose throwback in the best sense.

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Beer, Brats to Split Wigs

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Ludwig’s beer garden and brats spell love.

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Pizza For Real G’s

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Sammy G’s can do traditional pizza, but experimental flavors set the place apart.

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DND Finds New Home in SJ

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Dish N Dash has a slick ambience and beer selection, but don’t forget favorites like the chicken shawarma.

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Deep Fried Diet

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Cajun egg rolls are among the more unusual—and tasty—options on the menu at Poorboy’s.

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Alex Gets His Groove Back

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Foie gras lollipops were a hit at Alexander Steakhouse’s grand opening.

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Coffee Commitment

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Voltaire Coffee House’s lattes are as delicious as they look.

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Get the Wings, Smart Guy

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Bonchon’s chicken wings are its signature dish—for good reason.

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These Guys

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Famed food cart The Halal Guys set up shop at The Plant.

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3, 2, 1 … Blast Off

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Blast 825 Pizza cooks its pies in roughly half a minute thanks to the roaring hot ovens.

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Oasis on Stevens Creek

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A nondescript location belies an excellent new restaurant in Stone Stew.

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So, So Sweet

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Award-winning pastry chef and Sweet Sicily co-owner Leonardo La Placa prepares almond bread.

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Finding ’Merica

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Resistance is futile when it comes to roasted cauliflower and brown butter sauce.

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Renegades on the River

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One of San Jose’s few remaining gay bars, Renegades offers a sweet late-night deal.

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Drink the Water

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Chef David Kinch creates masterful Cajun fare at The Bywater.

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The British Are Here

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The Oxford knows a little something about craft cocktails.

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