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American Craft

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Roots & Rye provides a modern twist on the gastrolounge.

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A Sharp Fit

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Haberdasher regains its place atop the the South Bay craft cocktail scene.

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Chop Spot

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Campbell steakhouse Willard Hicks searches for identity with hit-and-miss dishes.

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Zilla for Skrilla

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Hungry souls need more than bravado to consume the mammoth five-pound, three-foot-long Burritozilla.

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Summer’s Delights

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Palo Alto Creamery Fountain & Grill specializes in seasonal pies.

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Counter Offer

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Campbell's growing culinary scene adds a tasteful, tasty newcomer in Pruneyard's Little Wine Counter.

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Wine Time

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The second annual Market Wine Pour is coming to San Pedro Square Market this weekend.

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Trained Drinkers

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Jen and Joey McDaniel curate a Caltrain drinking guide and sometimes host pub-crawls that stop off at various stations.

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Father’s Time

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Father's Day Brunch at Oak & Rye.

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Upper Deck

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Scott's Seafood revamped its sixth-story patio as a late-night lounge.

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Beyond the Plate

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Chef Jose Andres has made clean cookstoves a focal point of his global efforts.

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New Fuse

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One of just a handful of Burmese restaurants in the South Bay.

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Fruit the Beer

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Almanac Beer Co. has released several new fruit-flavored summer brews.

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Chef Swap

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David Kinch will be one of 37 internationally renowned chefs to swap places July 9.

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Come Together

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Four events to make Memorial Day a celebration to remember.

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InCider Scoop

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Ciders are the next big thing in craft brewing.

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Pizza Heaven

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A pizza aficionado breaks down the Top 10 joints in Silicon Valley.

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Brew Boom

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Santa Clara Valley Brewing find a new home on Alma Avenue.

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Light and Loud

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A healthy farm-to-table take on Latin cuisine

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Drinking Games

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AFK Gamer Lounge is a teenage fantasy without the cheese of Dave & Buster's.

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