SV Dining

Amuse & Amaze

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Leichi delights all the senses with masterful dishes, unique ambience.

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Pokin’ Around

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Silicon Valley’s poke eruption has resulted in numerous specialities.

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A Coup for Coop’

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Coopervino staff are more than happy to inform about their wine tastings.

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Authentic Affair

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Great eats, top-shelf service make Govea’s Restaurant beloved.

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Last Supper…of 2015

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Celebrate the past year or ring in the new one, but don’t do it on an empty stomach.

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A Name with Game

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Timber and Salt’s Cali Cassoulet is served with grass-fed meat and duck confit, local beans and bitter greens.

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Holiday Audible

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Seven special menus to sidestep the traditional Holiday dinner for a night with no dishes.

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Little Wonderland

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Decor, drinks and classic comfort dishes inspire at East Coast Alice.

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That’s Not All, Folks

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Small plates like pigs in a blanket a maze.

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A Good Bet

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Over/Under’s menu puts artistry back into pub grub favorites, like this angus brisket with eggs and bacon.

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New Brew Crew

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Tom Clark puts his job at Apple on the side to pursue his passion: beer.

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Waiting Game

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All-you-can-eat, family style buffet draws massive crowds to renowned Gen Korean BBQ.

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Big Dippers

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Wings Dip doesn’t mess around with its angry sauce, which goes up to a blistering level 10.

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Born out of a Barn

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Green Barn goes the extra mile to make vegetarian dishes like chow mein with bok choy and zucchini deliciously filling.

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Tapa Notch

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It’s hard to go wrong at Pintxo Pote, with its delicious imported cheeses and cured meats.

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Fast Fish

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Sushirrito uses assembly line orders to crank out sushi-inspired burritos.

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Fall Flights

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Autumn for craft brewers means malt, spice and higher alcohol content.

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New Late-Night Home

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Fast and fresh Korean food hits downtown San Jose as Hom offers dishes like braised short ribs.

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Nothing But Nom

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The Holay Guacamolay burger balances fire with fresh.

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Pita Plan

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Gotta Eatta Pita has exploded on to the local scene, and more locations are coming.

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