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Juicy Jay

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The Liquid Menu chef and owner Jay Essadki separates his offerings by strictly juice or vegetable meals in a cup.

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Dark Forces

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The current passion for all things hoppy has meant a slight downturn in darker, maltier brews.

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None the Weizen

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The growing variety of gluten-free beers are made from alternative grains like sorghum, rice or millet.

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Noodling Around

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Bowls of noodles may not be the first thing you think of while browsing through clothes at Nordstrom in Valley Fair.

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Plane Good

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A library of hard-to-find and small-batch spirits, knowledgeable bartenders and delightfully tasty bar bites.

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Bowled Over

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The Ramen Yokocho Festival will serve up various styles of ramen.

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Squash Match

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Nearly a ton of locally grown pumpkins lend a surprisingly subtle flavor to Hermitage’s Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale.

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Rose Glasses

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The key ingredient of strawberry-infused bourbon makes for mellow flavors in the Kentucky Buck cocktail.

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Party on a Hill

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Testarossa Winery holds a wine and food event Sep 28.

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In the Haus

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Alongside an array of German and European beers, Bierhaus serves German dishes like bratwurst with red cabbage and spatzle.

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Pizza Party

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Oak & Rye sets itself apart as colorfully different.

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Making His Market

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First to Market executive chef Domingo Wolbert and sous chef Daniel Romero offer new interpretations of American classics.

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Bet on Spread

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One part craft beer bottle shop and one part deli.

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Sour Power

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Shrubs are popping up as cocktail mixers

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Secret Sauce

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In addition to a small assortment of curries, Kobe Curry serves small plates with Japanese influences.

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Down to Earth

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Terún takes advantage of the local Mediterranean climate in offering outdoor dining streetside.

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Tin Is In

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The ice cream at Tin Pot Creamery is produced in small batches in a selection of creative flavors.

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Southern Exposure

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Louisiana Bistro’s shrimp po’boy comes stuffed with a generous helping of fried shrimp.

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To Fry For

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MOOYAH is known for its burger topping choices and its fries, which have a high-maintenance preparation.

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The Raita Stuff

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Tava’s Burrotis employ the same concept as the burrito, but use roti (flatbread) to wrap up fillings with Indian flavors.

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