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Power to the Poke

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Da Kine Island Grill offers a variety of twists with its award-winning poke dishes.

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Cultured Crust

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Diners at MOD Pizza can customize their pies, from scratch or by adding to existing topping combinations.

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Euro Grill’s New Menu

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The menu at Euro Grill has seen many changes, but the Balkan restaurant still has a way with grilled meats.

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Around the Corner

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Local Union 271 uses nothing but locally sourced ingredients.

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Pie in the Sky

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Plant Based Pizza serves all-vegan fare, including paninis and calzones.

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Open Cook

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Jeffrey Stout doesn’t put on any airs with his casual yet upscale restaurant, Orchard City kitchen.

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Mad Hops

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Guy Cameron, brewmaster for the new Whole Foods Market on The Alameda, has chased hops his whole career.

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All the Fixins

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Take advantage of these upcoming events to fatten up a bit and ride high on holiday cheer.

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Eating Social

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Koji Sake Lounge gets a revamp as Nomikai Social Food + Drinkery.

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Ale Trails Follows the Beer

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The five-hour jaunts take people to several breweries.

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More than Meets the Eye

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Ryan Shelton opens a contemporary American restaurant in downtown Mountain View.

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A Return to Roots

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The Continental is the newest venture of Sam Ramirez, owner of The Cardiff Lounge and El Guapo's in Campbell.

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Give Thanks, Give Back

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A round-up of charitable volunteer events this holiday weekend.

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A Model House

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The Lexington House takes the utmost pride in its craft cocktails.

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A Market Force

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A heavy Southern influence that incorporates more regional dishes, including California cuisine.

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Baked Good

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Off the Street offers hearty fare on its late-night menu.

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From Paris to Palo Alto

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Chef Guillaume Bienaime named his restaurant after writer Emile Zola.

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Juicy Jay

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The Liquid Menu chef and owner Jay Essadki separates his offerings by strictly juice or vegetable meals in a cup.

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Dark Forces

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The current passion for all things hoppy has meant a slight downturn in darker, maltier brews.

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None the Weizen

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The growing variety of gluten-free beers are made from alternative grains like sorghum, rice or millet.

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