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Batter Up

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I swear I've been seeing a new crepe restaurant pop up around here every couple of months.

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Union Brews

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A square bar with seats for 36 is the centerpiece of the Farmers Union.

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Gravity’s Pull

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Original Gravity is throwing a bash on Saturday, July 20 starting at 12:30pm.

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Snow Day

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A new construction of shaved ice is starting to develop in the South Bay.

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Proposing a Tost

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If you've ever wondered what traditional breakfast in Turkey is like, wonder no more.

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Holding Court

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Orchestria Palm Court owner Mark Williams plans to offer healthy food—and share his vintage musical machines.

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How Now

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Specializing in upscale grass-fed burgers, as well as some interesting free-range chicken sandwiches.

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Family Way

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I've never been to Italy, but I felt like I was getting a strong sense of what food actually looks and tastes like there.

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Wot’s the Deal

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At Walia, vegetable or meat stews called wot are served atop injera bread.

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Blackbird Takes Flight

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Blackbird Tavern includes a restaurant, bar and live music.

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Winging It

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I love short and simple menus, especially when everything offered is worth ordering.

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Psycho Kills It

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Psycho Donuts' Ron Levi competed for $10,000 on a Food Network Canada show.

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Dine Downtown Chefs

Here’s a look at some of the chefs working behind the scenes to make the delicious event happen.

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Clay Pot Story

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Restaurant Guo Cui specializes in clay pot soups.

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Linking In

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The Three-Meat Combo at Smoking Pig features pork, brisket and hot link—not to mention macaroni and cheese.

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Hai Nam is centered on chicken, particularly its flagship dish, com ga hai nam.

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Wake-up Call

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Habana Cuba adds spice and variety to breakfast.

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Tied House at 25

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Tied House celebrates its birthday Saturday.

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Culinary Jewels

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Chantal Guillon serves French treats.

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Filipino Focus

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Toppings Tree in Santa Clara is one of a handful of Filipino restaurants that have sprung up in the South Bay.

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