SV Dining

Porking Out

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Porky's specializes in its namesake meat.

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Say Cheese

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A new Wild West-themed food truck in San Jose.

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Vegan Rounds

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The pies at Plant Based Pizza are made only with vegan ingredients.

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Devine Grind

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The new Devine Grind features java and pastries.

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Veggie Grill

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All of the dishes at Veggie Grill are cholesterol free and animal friendly.

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Blast Off!

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Sarah and Prachan Mokaves bring back American comfort food in new combinations.

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Brewing Wonderland

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The fourth installment, KraftBrew WinterBall will be held Saturday, Dec. 8, at the Landmark Ballroom.

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To a Tea

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The decor of this Japanese/Hong Kong cafe is simple, but the place bubbles with activity.

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Persian Specials

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Yeganeh Riazi works the counter at her namesake bakery.

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Go With the Flow

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Liquid Bread finds good beers to pair with its food.

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Good Grub

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The new Grub Shack brings Pacific Rim and Hawaiian fusion flavors to downtown San Jose.

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Freebirds in Town

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Freebirds offers an almost bewildering list of ingredient choices for its burritos.

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Gold Rush Eatery

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The Gold Rush Eatery specializes in burgers on the go.

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Farm Smarts

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When it comes to the culinary world, everything begins with the earth and sea.

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Crawl the Row

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The next Dishcrawl event is Nov. 12.

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Waffle Amore

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Waffling is OK when the Waffle Amore truck rolls around.

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New Suds in Town

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Sunnyvale's TL Beer Garden features a wide variety of beer on tap.

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Ice Ice Baby

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Among the many gourmet food trucks in the greater San Jose area, Kona Ice is a real attention grabber.

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Sandwich King

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Ike’s opened Monday across the street from Santa Clara University.

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Savory Sounds

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The hot pots at Shabuway are assembled from a variety of tasty ingredients.

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