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Foodie Fun

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A group of Saratoga businesses will host Foodie Fun on the Run, a food truck gathering Aug. 25.

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Sushi Maverick

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Sawa owner Steve Sawa won't like it if you show up without a reservation.

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For Openers

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Chef Alex Diels presides at Dry Creek Gill, which just opened on Hamilton Avenue.

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We Sushi

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The specialty roll from We Sushi is a hit with lunchers throughout the valley.

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Q&A With Luis Lourenco

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Luis Lourenco, chef and owner of  Bacalhau Grill & Trade Rite Market.

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Eat on Monday

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Eat on Monday works with local vendors as much as possible to obtain produce, meats, breads and tortillas.

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Free Foie

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Chef Joey Elenterio has a plan to get around the new ban on selling foie gras.

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They Eat by Night

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The Night Market is a new Asian open-air market featuring San Jose brands.

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The Wow

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Filipino style food truck in Silicon Valley.

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Smoke Rings

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Redwood City's new Woodchuck BBQ serves a wide selection of regional styles.

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Q&A: Linda Santoso

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Linda Santoso turned from tech to treats with Li'l Puffs.

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At First Blush

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San Pedro Square Market's Blush Raw Bar & Lounge offers atmosphere  and a generous happy hour.

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Just Ask Kauai

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Fresh produces sells out quickly at the Koloa market on Kauai.

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Campbell’s New Look

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New plans are designed to make Campbell's farmer's market even more enticing for fans of fresh local produce.

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Hail the Chef-Owner

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The chef-owned restaurant is something of a rarity in Silicon Valley.

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Alexander’s on The Sea

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Chef Jeffrey Stout has plans for a new fish restaurant this fall.

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Sake and Bites

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Mountain View's Nami Nami serves intense small portions for tasting between sips of sake.

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Seafood on the Go

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Sam's lobster roll is a ChowderMobile favorite.

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Chia Seeds

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They won't grow into pets, but chia seeds are fun, healthy and mysterious.

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Bistro Style

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Sometimes, strip malls contain pockets of culinary relief, like Bistro Tupaz in south San Jose.

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