SV Dining

Meals on Wheels

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Le Bon de Cuisine serves what it calls a 'Parisian chicken sandwich.'

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Bloody Good

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The valley's ethnic restaurants serve surprising variations of traditional blood-sausage dishes.

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Fusion Feel

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Chef Sachin Chopra expands his Indian culinary cuisine with Arka in Sunnyvale

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Nick’s Grows

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Chef Nick Difu is opening a new restaurant across the street from his present place.

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Real Food With Chef Bradley Ogden

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Chef and restaurateur Bradley Ogden has set up shop in San Jose to film a new television series that he will begin shopping to networks for broadcast.

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Cooking Brussels Sprouts

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The secret to cooking Brussels sprouts is as simple as remembering to slice them in half.

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La Lune Sucree

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Bettina Pope’s dream was to own a bakery. Her dream has become a reality—and she hasn’t had more than two days off since she and her husband, Mark, opened San Jose’s La Lune Sucree in September.

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Japantown welcomes SJ Beerwalk

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Benefit Builds off Sake San Jose With Restaurants and Retailers.

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Take a Number

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The South Bay is rich in Indian restaurants that serve a special snack known as chicken 65.

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Pho Old Times’ Sake

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Within a month, I slurped, chomped and chopsticked my way through 10 Vietnamese restaurants, spanning the gamut from dive to top-end fusion. I found Fremont’s Pho Saigon Pasteur the most worthy of mention in its class: neighborhood noodle-house diner.

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Twilight for Twinkies?

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In case you haven’t heard, Hostess, maker of such American culinary icons as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread filed for bankruptcy protection this month for the second time in 10 years.

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Beefing Up

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Main Street Burgers in Los Gatos is both the antidote to the classic American meal and its champion

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It Takes a Village

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Village Falafel in Cupertino brings Armenian culinary tradition to the South Bay

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State of the Plate

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2011's best meals and restaurants plate by plate

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Live Feed: Little Bee Pops

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Mountain View resident Liz Snyder was enjoying a visit to the park with her daughter, Helen Liles. A popsicle vendor walked by, and Helen pleaded for a treat.

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Raising the Bar: Cocktails at Manresa

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Chef and owner David Kinch always wanted to serve cocktails and spirits in his nearly 10-year-old Los Gatos restaurant, but red tape and other obstacles stood in the way

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Oaxaca North

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San Jose’s Monte Alban features fine examples of southwestern Mexican cuisine

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The Secret Life of Hummus

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Oren’s Hummus Shop in Palo Alto stakes its rep on its chickpea specialty

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Soups of Eastern Europe

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Winter is the time to sample some hearty soups from the Old Country

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Live Feed: Giving Thanks

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First and foremost I’m thankful for my family and my health. Once you have those two things, everything else is pretty much gravy. This being Thanksgiving time, it’s the gravy I want to write about it.

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