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Five To Watch

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From an expanding sandwich chain to a tasty tapas bar, five new nosh spots.

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Clean and Green

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25 restaurants to help eat healthy and fit back into those early 2017 jeans.

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Pit of Heaven

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Quality Bourbons and Barbecue gives Mountain View a smoky new style.

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Wall to Wahlburgers

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Wahlberg brothers Paul, Donnie and Mark have teamed up to create a burger chain that now has roots in Palo Alto.

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New Beer, Cheer

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Uproar Brewery’s patience pays off as SoFA suds house finds it footing.

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5 to Watch in December

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The Province at Bay 101 casino elevates card club cuisine.

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The Feels at Tea Time

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Sinceretea takes milk tea up a notch with several exotic flavors.

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Masters of Meat

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26 steakhouses to satisfy carnivorous cravings throughout the holidays.

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Jaguar Bakes Up Culture

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Alicia Casas, a San Jose State professor, sells her vegan baked goods at the Japantown Farmers Market.

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The Guy Next Door

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Jason Revino recently unveiled his second Scotts Valley restaurant, Two Doors.

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Noodling Around at Paik’s

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Paik’s serves up noodle dishes that actually require shears to cut them down to a manageable size.

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A Nod to Paris, Saigon

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Élyse’s classic Coq au Vin delights the taste buds.

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Open Secrets

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Madera flies under the radar despite well-deserved Michelin star.

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The New Cider House Rules

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laudia Derp and Tracy Smith have raised the stakes for apple-based bistros with Cider Junction.

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One Last Dance

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Google’s proposed office complex will lead to the removal of the iconic Stephen's Meats sign, but the neighborhood still has Hapa’s Brewing Co.

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5 to Watch in November

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Six months is usually considered the earliest a new restaurant, bar or coffeeshop can receive a fair review.

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Fish in the Sea

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We celebrate Silicon Valley’s sushi obsession with 39 local favorites.

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So, Soul Good

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Oxtails, ribs and jerk chicken—along with excellent sides—have made Carisoul a new Japantown favorite.

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Indian Buffet, Beer Nirvana

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Sankrati serves up abundant offerings at its all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet.

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5 to Watch for October

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Sunnyvale’s new sweetgreen location lives up to its vegan and vegetarian creed.

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