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No Average Joe

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Backyard Brew shows ingenuity of the valley, minus clichés.

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Classin’ up the Tech Corridor

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North San Jose’s new eatery has a huge menu.

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Pints for Pups: Beer, No Bite

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Needy pets will find happy homes thanks to donated proceeds from the third annual Pints for Pups.

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Seeking Meaning

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Sikh Foundation International holds impressive 50th birthday party.

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The Effing Taqueria

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The Piña Loca combines a wickedly delicious mix of spicy and sweet.

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New Cat on the Block

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Chef and restaurateur Ray Tang brings his expertise to Los Gatos with The Catamount.

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Beloved Broth

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JINYA Ramen Bar proves a worthy contender for top ramen spot.

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Fusion Summit

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Everest Cuisine’s lunch buffet offers a quality introduction to Nepalese fare.

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Button Pushers

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Yayoi’s futuristic ordering system offers privacy, comfort food.

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The Branham Lounge still offers shelter to weary travelers in need of a drink and nostalgia.

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Brunch Rises

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The annual Easter holiday demands a midday meal that doesn’t suck.

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I Want Some Purple Stuff

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Purple Onion has a versatile, healthy menu.

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Good Shell Game

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SJ Crawfish joins the crowded sea of Cajun-Vietnamese restaurants.

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Turn for the Better

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The eggplant parmesan offers a towering load at Turn Bar & Grill.

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Ma and Pa’s Boozy Brunch

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Jack Holder’s Restaurant and Bar adds to the brunch favorites found at the Country Inn Cafe.

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Hub Has Sneaky Good Start

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Chipotle mayo on a sandwich is a bad idea—said no one, ever.

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Hot Market

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The Pastaria & Market stands out in bustling Los Gatos scene.

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Hapa’s Revels in Mixing It Up

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New bring-your-own-food brewery and taproom currently offers a blond ale, an IPA and a mocha porter.

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Easy Does It

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Santa Clara dining scene adds a new okonomiyaki favorite in Fugetsu.

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So Many Bobas to Split

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Pekoe offers a unique cup that gives guests more options to satisfy their boba tea cravings

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